Struggling a little

Had a very trying session with VIS, so, so fed up of this, want some answers and some action. Reports not uploaded, so didn’t get the answers today yet.

Came home and worked for a few hours, but really couldn’t settle, and can’t walk so much because of knee and hamstring soreness, so offered to take Hannah to lunch. Very civilised. We sat in Starbucks, we drank lattes (albeit she had a syrupy one), and she did her Spanish online while I did some more work.

Came home and she did a maths test, a comprehension paper from her English book, and some Latin translations.

Bob came home and we popped out to get a case for my netbook, and then we had steak bagettes and corn on the cob for dinner. In the middle of it I got to test my new credit card terminal, as I sold two courses 🙂

Bob gave me a massage, while Hannah and I watched Dragon’s Den, and now I’m thinking about bed. This day will seem better when I’m on the other side of it.



  1. HelenHaricot said

    aargh. hope you get thyroid sorted soon. been tooooo long. hugs.
    and woohoo champagne to selling courses

  2. Merry said

    Wail 😦 It doesn’t seem fair you should have to wait so long 😦

  3. Nic said

    Missed this last night!
    Hurrah for course selling and cc terminal.
    Boo to waiting for results.

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