12 twelves are….

….144! 12 elevens are 132! (Now we’ll see if Nic is still reading ;-))

Well, I thought if I was going to do the times tables, I should at least do the hard ones. (which Hannah incidentally likes to show off with, as she learned up to an including 13×13, as that’s what we did at school, and apparently they only go to 10×10 nowadays. I dunno, education these days…;-)

Well, today at least my meeting went ahead, so I’m home and feeling virtuous – although tomorrow I see VIS (very important surgeon) again now I’ve had my speech assessment.

Hannah is more or less back to normal, though she’s still pale and tired, but she went out on her bike for a little while today.  Bob’s dad however is still a worry. In some ways, this is the worst possible outcome. Last Monday they said that the prognosis was 2-3 days at most. Obviously he has survived that, and has made a degree of recovery, in that he is conscious, staggering to the toilet with a zimmer, and talking. However he is very confused, and the possibility of him living independently again seems remote. Two weeks ago he was still driving, and although he used a stick, it was only as he really needs a hip replacement, rather than any other reason. They have said if they can get him stable they will send him for 6 weeks intensive rehab. While that made a big difference after his last brain haemhorage 3 years ago, this one is much more severe. Last time although his speech and spatial awareness were affected, his mental faculties weren’t. Also, they managed to get his platlets up to 50 (can never remember the unit), from 3, by giving him constant platlet transfusions. However, they stopped these three days ago, and he is already back down at 22. Which means that his thrombocytopenia is not really responding to the steriods he is getting in fairly massive doses.  He’s currently back on transfusion. I know he would hate this, and this was something he dreaded, so in our hearts, neither Bob nor I can hope for him to continue like this. Hannah sees that fact that he is struggling on as hopeful, but I don’t think she can really concieve of what life will become for him.

On a more cheerful note, the macaroni (rigatoni) cheese was very nice, and I had to buy myself yet another pair of new trainers, having worn the last ones out in three months of anxious walking. So that must be good for my butt.

Bob and I have a show on over the weekend, but not sure if we will make it or not – every arrangment we make atm has a qualifier on it, so I’ve arranged today for an associate to do it for me – if we make it, it will be a bonus to have a third person, and if not, then really grateful to Colin for stepping into the breach.

Oh, yes, and this IS a home ed blog, isn’t it. Just hang on till I ask …. Ok:  English (possesive apostrophes), film reports, novel reading (”oops, I read too long” – 4 hours), animal husbandry (hutch cleaning and dog grooming); craft (aka entrepeneurship)



  1. Nic said

    Feel wildly inadequate now for not knowing myself what a possessive apostrophe is (well I sort of do but I didn’t know they had a proper title), wonder if they could get counselling for it actually, learn that every apostrophe belongs only to itself and if we love a punctuation mark we should let it go…

    Not sure what to wish for with regard to Bob’s dad for you, but thinking of you all just the same.

  2. Joyce said

    … And that all commas should dream big. Because they shouldn’t hide their light in the lowly marshes of the lines, but they can fly and reach for the stars, and become the apostrophe that inside, they already were. And for every period, just to know that out there lies the perfect soulmate and they can be joined together in perfect colon-dem.More? 😉

  3. Nic said

    Bring it on!
    Do something with a semi colon….

  4. Joyce said

    Well, first of all imagine Heather Small singing Proud. To that soundtrack, add a comma, striving to be that apostrophe she was born to be. Higher and higher she reaches, while down below lingers that whisper of a shadow, that very essence of who she used to be, curled into a ball. Knowing that even though in her heart and soul, she is an apostrophe, she has a core of inner steel to keep her grounded… Geez, sometimes I surprise myself.

  5. Nic said

    I’m thinking one of two ways to go forward here.
    Option one. Nina Simone, Feeling Good… sunrise, cue Nina ‘bird flying high you know how I feel’… out stretches that comma like a bud on the first day of spring slowly, slowly unfurling it’s petals… ‘sun in the sky you know how I feel’ comma looks at the sun rising higher in the sky and knows that could one day be her, ‘breeze drifting on by’ as though carried on the wings of a dove the comma slowly, slowly at first starts to rise above that line ‘you know how I feeeeel’ she’s halfway there, the line where the full stops hang out is but a distant memory for her now ‘it’s a new dawn, it’s a new day, it’s a new life for me… she bounces off the top of the next line, a smile of joy and wonder upon her little comma-y face before settling into her new, rightful positon between the k and the s of Dick’s (in the sentence This is Dick’s ball) knowing she is not just any old apostrophe, she is a POSSESSIVE apostrophe and she’s ‘FEEEEEELING GOOOOD!’

  6. Nic said

    Second way is more shameless, more obvious, more appealing to the masses. Less sophisticated, more trailer trash comma done good. She;s worked hard, she’s done her time and she knows that if she works hard enough nothing is out of her reach. For that comma the only theme tune possible comes from S Club 7 – Reach for the Sky

  7. Joyce said

    ROFL. I love it. Are we BOTH bonkers, do you think?

  8. Nic said

    I’d say so, but at least we’re entertaining each other and keeping out of trouble.
    Oh and doing good deeds in patching that internet hole.

  9. Kirsty said

    you two are mad!!

    *hugs* for Bob’s dad.

    I only learned to 10×10. I feel wholly inadequate 😉

  10. Alison said

    I learnt up to 12. What’s the point of 13?

    Do let me know when you’re in London – we’re home again from Fri 4th and would love to see you.

    Hugs re tough decisions to be made with Bob’s dad xxxx

    And food – I am a bit obsessive and keep all leftovers and make the children eat them for lunch, or make random freezer meals from them. Buttercup often has curry for breakfast 🙂

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