All my life’s a circle..

So, last week I was asked if I could work today, to cover a meeting.  Even though I don’t work on Mondays, and it’s a day I hate working as an extra, I’m also conscious that I’ve been either metaphorically or actually absent a lot recently, so I said yes. Then realised that it was 9am start, in Edinburgh, with no parking within a mile. So I’m up at 4.30, and on the road to miss the worst of the traffic, get there, park, walk, wait in waiting area. And no one else appears. I’d been dumped 😦 Really pee-d off. So that was the morning written off.

Got home to find Hannah had been making herself motivational posters, after reading a Tony Buzan book on learning that I had been reading, and had also been doing a bit of maths, english and Science from Galore Park. We had lunch together, groomed the dog, and then Bob phoned to ask if we fancied a trip to London in a couple of weeks. (Yes, but don’t know if I can get time off.) He is going on a course, and has been booked into a family room, so all we would need to pay would be rail fares for Hannah and I and food. Seems too good to miss, so I need to work on manifesting that 😉

Papa’s consultant had phoned to ask if he could talk to Bob tonight. He hadn’t planned on going tonight, having been yesterday as an extra visit, but obviously felt he needed to go, so he’s gone there straight from work.

I’m on a bit of an economy gastronomy drive after watching Allegra and Paul. I always think we don’t waste food, but we decided to audit it last week, and although we tend not to waste meat, as we shop for it daily, (or chocolate or wine for that matter!), I was completely horrified to realise how much we over-catered, and then eventually how many leftovers we threw out, and how much fruit and veg went off before it was eaten. Nice fruit gets scoffed, but horrible apples don’t.

So tonight a rummage in the fridge found half an onion, half a pepper, half a courgette, and some very soft over ripe tomatoes. So, I simmered it all with a tin of tomatoes and whipped it into sauce, bunged it in the liquidiser, stirred it into rice, bunged a few frozen peas in, and shredded a single chicken leg left from Saturday on top. I thought it was really nice, Hannah thought it was fuel, and I feel virtuous. Bob always cooks far too much pasta, and Hannah had had that last night, so there was a tupperware of cold pasta in the fridge. So I also made a cheese sauce with the ends of three different kinds of cheese, which might normally find its way into the bin, fried a tin of artickokes with some bacon, and have rigatoni cheese all ready to pop into the oven to finish off for tomorrow night.  And I’m really embarrassed that we’ve made two substantial dinners out of food that would easily under normal circumstances, end up in the bin.  And of course, gone two days without needing to spend money on food. The apples are currently simmering and then can go in the freezer as a base for a crumble come the weekend.

And that’s it really. I think this may be why I stopped blogging – not sure this is at all riveting for anyone else!



  1. Jan said

    No, I really like reading. Don’t stop.

    The food wasting thing’s tricky, but getting hens was a revelation for me. You feed them any old out of date stuff, half-chewed left over toddler food, anything at all, and in return you get really good free range eggs. I do try not to waste human food on hens, but if we do end up not eating something, I feel a lot better about it than I used to.

  2. Merry said

    No, i really liked that – but i am beginning to wonder if secretly our reading eyes have just become a substitute for the pavements you’ve been wearing out shoe leather on recently!!!!!!!

    I do agree about food wasting; we seem to eat loads/most of what we buy and then i look at what J and A moan about/don’t eat and realise we don’t.

  3. Joyce said

    Lol. Well, now you mention it, I have cricked my knee, which has slowed me down a little.

  4. Jax said

    I was ashamed of myself today as I discovered a courgette that had gone manky at the bottom of the veg box, and taken a couple of other things with it, so I ended up chucking various bits into the compost/ recycling bin. Have been trying to cut down on food waste, we aren’t bad usually, but we use far too much convenience style food still. But I’m improving.

    Don’t stop, it is interesting.

    Does H do educational style work voluntarily or do you have some arrangement with her – if that makes any sense. Am currently concerned at how much staring blankly at screens my two are doing.

  5. Joyce said

    I don’t insist on anything, and actually the workbooks feel a bit like the easy option for her atm, in that she knocks off a few pages and thinks job done. She can debate just about anything but I do worry that she still struggles enormously with getting anything coherent on paper.She’s not a huge screen addict though she likes tv.She reads and thinks! I have to say she doesn’t have huge enthusiasms the way HE kids are meant too! She asked for the second year maths book that the schools use, and they only had the highest stream one in stock. I think we were both surprised and gratified she could do it fairly easily.

  6. Nic said

    Well clearly I’d still be reading even if you were just typing out the times table 😉
    We’re far better than we used to be about food wastage although possibly not as good at giving stuff to the chickens as Jan is – must do better there really. My aim would be to deliberately cater towards doing stuff with leftovers and then all the plate scrapings would be added to something that was already planned to do a second dinner.
    A has great intentions and is the king of putting stuff in dishes with clingfilm in the fridge then forgetting about them. I then end up crossly flinging them out a week later!

  7. HelenHaricot said

    i think we are dreadful with food wastage atm. i always overcater, and used to pop in a pot for little nanny. there is no longer a little nanny [sob] but i think is should pop in a pot anyway, and perhaps see if there is a local granny prepared to try our unusual food! [mine was actually v adventurous] i miss her!!

    aargh to your wasted early start though

  8. Joyce said

    I think we have two main contributory factors to waste (apart from letting fruit go off). First is we’ve always liked to eat together as far as possible and have serving dishes rather than plated food. We always had plated food at home (tho actually my mum doesn’t do that now) and I hated that feeling of other people deciding how much of what I would eat – esp as my mum had a clean plate policy in those days. So that in itself inevitably leads to over catering. Second has been my real fear of H getting food poisoning. Not always rational but I never got over seeing the ecoli outbreak kids in the renal unit. That has led to a huge err on side of caution about leftover food.If its been on the table in a serving dish being handled I’ve tended to bin. But actually that’s not really sane. After all, we are all pretty clen in our habits! We rarely eat convenience food tho. The nearest we come to it is jars of curry sauce in the caravan.I think I’m going to try the bedrock recipe idea, and deliberately set it up so that there is the basis for two or three meals out of one thing.

  9. Joyce said

    And the worst food poisoning I have ever experienced was in my vegetarian days from reheated rice.I was a student at the time and actually ended up in hospital. I’ve never known such pain!

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