Oh, the responsibility…

……those damn internet holes 😉

A really quiet day. Hannah has felt that she didn’t want to see her Papa in hospital, and given she’s been unwell, it hasn’t really been an option anyway. She was adamant though she wanted to remember him sitting in his chair at home, and not see him sick and confused. However, she came through this morning and asked if she could go, and in the circumstances, asking her to wait till tomorrow seemed risky. So although Bob hadn’t been planning to go today, he ran her up, and fortunately there was no one else there, so she saw him quietly, and he knew her and while clearly confused (he insisted I had been there looking after him during the night, so he had said to her that he was glad her mum hadn’t come, as she’d sat with him all night, so must be tired) he had seemed relaxed. And as his platlets have come up a bit, he no longer looks as if he’s done 6 rounds in the boxing ring. I’m not sure she’ll go back, but she’s glad she went.

On the down side though, while she is obviously over the infectious part of the flu, and really it wasn’t any worse than normal flu (in fact, maybe not even as bad), it’s left her absolutely shattered. She had slept most of the way through the journey home, and has slept most of the afternoon. While some of it is probably emotional stuff, I think a lot of it is post-viral. She’s obviously lost a bit of blood the last few days as well, which won’t be helping, but she looks and clearly feels exhausted. She says even reading is tiring her out, so Bob has been pleased to be able to get back to reading aloud to her – something he has always loved doing, but lately she’s been less interested in. So he is reading the latest Celia Rees to her.  Had she been at school, she certainly wouldn’t yet be well enough to start the new term, which is already a week underway.

I’ve half heartedly done some cleaning, but I’m feeling quite weary as well, I think we’ve all been living on edge a bit. Took the dog for a walk, washed my hair, did a bit of work for a meeting tomorrow, and have now decided it’s wine o’clock. Bob is going to make my favourite courgette risotto for dinner in a bit. Yum.

Hannah and I also looked through some photo albums to put together a photo frame for Papa at the hospital, and had a littlebittersweet trip down memory lane.

Other than that, the only thing I’ve done (well actually, only wasted energy on, as failed to do it) was to set up a paid-for blog on WP. Need to find somewhere to host it that doesn’t talk to me like I’m thick. Actually, want it to function as a website, rather than a blog, as I’m going to start running some courses in England, and all my sites are optimised for Scotland. So I want something I can set up and edit myself easily. I’ve looked at http://www.healthhosts.co.uk, (actually, I do have some sites with them already). They are good, but at £11 per month, plus the set up fees, it mounts up.

So, two days in a row……..



  1. Merry said

    Definitely recommend my hosts, although the security on there means you have to do updates manually. I’ve just set up a website using wp, though it is still on a test bed, but i was really impressed by how easy it is to manipulate into being a site.

    Didn’t even know they did paid for versions – what is the difference?

  2. Joyce said

    I think – mean paid for hosting, so you don’t have wordpress in the web address (the way this blog does)

  3. Jax said

    two days running! Brought to mind the Ferrero Roche advert 😉

    Glad to hear H is on road to recovery, it took Tim quite some time to pull around properly from it, he referred to it as mild flu, but even mild flu wipes you out for at least a couple of weeks.

    Tough call on the visiting ppl in hospital, sounds like she made the right decision for her though.


  4. HelenHaricot said

    hard, but it think she is best off for going. hugs for bobs dad still

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