Hmm, dark cobwebby and echo-ey in here….

Clearly its been a long time, and as I’m not sure really why I stopped, I’m also not sure if I’ll keep going. Somehow I’ve lost the blogging enthusiasm, and as it had become more of a way of keeping up with friends, BK seems much easier. So I’m rusty…..

However, a review of last 8 months. Well, most importantly, Hannah became a teenager – I’m frigthened to say it, in case it all bites me in the bum, but the one advantage of maturing so early seems to have been that adolescence followed sharp of the heels of four-ness, and teen-ness is much less trying than hormonally challenged 7 year old was.

I thought she might choose to go to school, but she remains certian she isn’t interested at the moment  -while she admits to some curiousity, she is convinced that the downsides would outweigh the positives. She has talked about a science tutor, but we are having no luck with that at all, and we have never managed to find a modern languages teacher either. She’s contining to play keyboard, and really enjoying it, and is starting to learn violin. She is thinking about a guitar for Christmas. Mainly though she’s been putting lots of effort into athletics, and she is begining to accumulate a large clutch of medals. She is finding this year is relatively tough though, as she moved up an age group, and is now a young under-15. She loves Guides, and is doing her Baden-Powell badge, and next year is hoping to train as a youth leader, and start a Duke of Edinburgh award.

She’s had a summer of camps – a week with Guides; a weeks at HESFES, which she liked, but both Bob and I found disappointing, stressful and ultimately rather sad; and a week at adeventure camp. She loved that, and I’m so proud of her that she just takes these opportunities and enjoys them and manages so well to go places where she knows no one and makes friends. I had a rather robust discussion with a friend here lately, who has three girls, and was talking about how she didn’t have much time for only children, finding them spoiled and needy. Although she was careful to say she didn’t include Hannah in that assessment, I have to say that my experience of them is that they are (and it is a generalisation) more resourceful and emotionally robust, as they are used to having to make it on their own, without the cushion of siblings to support and entertain them.  I always think its odd though that singletons are fair game in a way – behaviour that in other kids would just be ignored is put down to their lack-of-sibling status. A parent with three would be seriously unhappy at me feeding her the stereotype that her youngest was being babied, her middle one was ignored and her eldest had too much responsibility, and yet the stereotype of a selfish and spoiled singleton is embraced pretty whole heartedly, in my experience.

Anyway, while Hannah was at camp, I finally caught up with Nic after FAR too long,  as even she was begining to think that while I was once real, I no longer was.

I’ve had a fun few months, as my thyroid has started to play up again after many years of good behaviour, and despite numerous tests, scans, xray, drugs  and biopsies still haven’t really sorted out a plan of action. However, that has sort of been pushed to the side by a bout of swine flu (Hannah) and a massive brain bleed (Bob’s dad). Hannah is fine, but Papa’s prognosis is very poor, and we are at the stage of jumping every time the phone rings.  Also we are so far away that the hospital thing is hard to manage, as they are completely inflexible about visiting times.

Business went well this year, and although it would be nice to be more profitable, it’s gratifying to see that it’s growing substantially even in the current climate. Bloody hard work though!

So….I may be back again soon…….



  1. Merry said

    I did 🙂

    I think i’ve had a tendency to put my foot in my mouth over singletons in the past, though never because i think they are selfish, needy or incapable.I mainly presume they create less mess and washing, though Fran on her own used to make plenty of mess, in fairness! I’m not sure my older ones fit any stereotypes of large sibling groups either (do they?) Fran is quite responsible i suppose, but not leaderish and Amelie does a far better job of middle child than i thought she might. Josie is a truly appalling baby of the family though, right up there with the 4 year old ness of the best of them!!!!

    You’ve had such a rotten run of illness again 😦 but good to hear such positive things about H – athletics sounds amazing really :0 Well done her!

  2. HelenHaricot said

    here with torch on ducking cobwebs! hoping thyroid goes ok, and many hugs for bob’s dad for all og you. and i would speak to someone senior about inflexible visitng times if prog poor

  3. Joyce said

    I’m sure they create less washing. Though Hannah has started to shower twice a day, wash her hair once a day, and change her clothes three times a day, so maybe not once they get older! But at least you can make THEM do the ironing at 13 😉

  4. Merry said

    Ironing? What is this thing of which you speak?

    The downside of bk, i think, is there isn’t anything nice to look back on in 10 years. I miss blogging daily but bk def put paid to that, plus general boringness and lack of time. But i think i’d be sad to lose the record for the younger ones that i had for the older ones.

  5. Jax said

    bk is over the fence chat, blogging is for me and the wider world and posterity. I do miss other ppl blogging regularly, as I think there is more room in a blogpost to set out thoughts and have a full discussion in the comments, although there are times I keep it short and simple and more private somewhere like BK where I can control privacy levels.

    Would be sad to see your blog fade into obscurity.

    Good round up.

    On the stereotypes, that is all they are. Wide generalisations that give a starting point, I never assume that a given individual is a personification of a stereotype.

  6. tbird said

    I’ve had the only child/lonely child and spoilt c**p thrown about etc, it is annoying and it does make me slightly paranoid about giving her things but actually, I think the 3 kids next door are more materially spoilt than she will ever be. I would love to be in a financial position to be able to spoil her though!

  7. Nic (not Joyce in a ginger wig, or Nic pretending to be Joyce) said

    Ooh a catch up 🙂
    I think birth order / amount of siblings does play a part in who we are, along with every single other thing we encounter along the nature / nurtue thing. I’m fairly sure my two fit the stereotypes at times of older / younger and fairly sure there are other times they would utterly disprove the theories.

    Hannah has always been my benchmark wonderful HE example (as I suspect she has been for several of us here ;)) and it’s lovely to still have her there, still five years ahead of D marching along and doing so well :). So fab to hear of her athletic successes and other interests and that teenagerdom might not be all dreadful ;).

    And of all the people who have stopped blogging, yours has been the one I’ve most missed, so hurrah and welcome back 🙂 xxx

  8. Jan said

    My Mum was telling C recently exactly the sibling stereotypes you said, as if they were facts in every family. Grr.

    Lovely to have a blog post. I’m with Jax – I’ve been blogging daily for a while just as a record, as much for myself as for anyone else (which is just as well because most of my posts are very boring) but I really like knowing what friends are up to with bk.

  9. HelenHaricot said

    i am trying to blog more regularly again. i think it was better when you could rush from blog to blogin aticipation with a glass of wine at 10 [i know, sad!!]

  10. Nic said

    Fear I may be being moderated (nearly said modified), but it could be to do with my silly name 😉

  11. Merry said

    Although, i have noticed that nearly all my friends are the oldest sibling and the one who isn’t is very noticeably not, though not in a bad way, but has a conversational knack that i notice in my younger 2. But behaviours brought on by birth order are not necessarily the same as stereotypes, i think.

  12. Kirsty said

    Yes nice to have you back blogging, have missed it too. I keep meaning to start again. Need to really so I can have a record to look back at when the LA come knocking. Ok. Might do one soon.

    Not sure if my 2 are typical in relation to the stereotype. I’m a youngest sibling though (wonders who Merry was on about in her last comment… can’t be me I have no conversational knack!!)

  13. I would have noticed the blog post if I’d been at home … catching up now!

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