Sunburn in Aberdeen in January??

Actually, probably frostbite. Weather is just fantastic, freezing, but fantastic. Lots and lots of light 🙂

Bob was at a Javelin coaching course on Sunday, half way here, so it was decided he would travel by public transport in the morning to his course, and I would pack and pick him up on the way. Best laid plans and all that, when we discovered he couldn’t get out of town on public transport on Sunday morning befor 10am, so at the last minute he had to go on Sat night. Sunday morning, we got up and the dog was in season. Shit. My mum had offered to have her, despite me saying I would put her in kennels, but she was not at all happy to discover she was in heat. I phoned the kennels, and her being in heat wasn’t a problem for them, but they need to have had kennel cough immunisation 7 days before they go, so that was out. Decided we couldn’t go, but my mum did agree to have her in the end. Dog meanwhile looking confused and sorry for herself (its her second season, but the vet said in a dog her size we could expect 9 month gaps, but this was 6 months to the day). Shit shit shit. She would have been spayed, but the vet will only do them between weeks 8-16 of their cycle, and we missed the window the last time as we were distracted by the kitchen saga.

Then discovered that with the dog stuff, and no back seat to use either (as the dog travels in a harness), I could NOT get everything into the car. Started randomly saying we couldn’t take things and the wii fit, the slow cooker, my memory foam pillow etc, the skiis, all hit the dust. Hannah in the huff about the wii, and it was blowing a force 10 gale and pissing it down all the while I’m dragging stuff in and out to re-arrange. FINALLY got it in, Hannah decided we were ok for room for the first 50 miles till we picked Bob up, and would be OK again for the last 50 after we’d dropped the dog off, so for the couple of hours in the middle she would sit with the wii on her lap. So that was sorted, off we went, and 40 miles from the house, in a sleet storm Hannah asked in a small voice that if it were ME, and I was going away for a week, and thought I’d left the hair straighteners plugged in, what would I do????? FUCK!!! Calmly (!?) turned the car round, drove 40 miles back, discovered (of course), that she had switched them off, and set off again. Finally got within 10 miles of Bob to discover the road closed due to flooding, so the AA directions were no longer valid. Drove around lots more in the sleet, car steamed up, dog crying, etc, and eventually by more luck than judgement, found him. Then realised that Bob had a big rucksack, as he had taken a sleeping bag etc, as he had only gone to a hostel. Unpacked car again (Bob: you had lots of room if you had packed it efficiently. Me: Fuck off, you tosser. Hannah: I’ll need therapy soon). FINALLY set off for my mums, dumped the dog, who pissed my mum off as she ignored her in favour of slopping all over my dad. (To be fair, he lived with us for 8 weeks during the kitchen saga, so she is used to him). Mum: well, if you like HIM so much, he can clean up after you all week. Us: thank you and good bye!!

Bob and I reunited in harmoney over missing the dog, and set off over the glen to the Cairgorm National Park. Checked into our lodge, and was told that as they had suffered a burst pipe, there would be no swimming pool, no spa, and basically nothing that we come here for in sodding January. Then discovered that they’ve installed a power TV since we were last here (which I’m currently using to access the internet), and it had no socket for the wii. Had pizza, another argument, and we all went to bed.

Monday things looked up, and we all had a bracing talk about being in a lovely venue, shouldn’t let one thing spoil it, no one could make us miserable without our permission (sodding NLP, lol), and we had a long walk in lovely sunshine, a great roast dinner with some nice wine, and I discovered that the portable tv in the bedroom had the right sockets. So bob brought that upstairs (the lodge is upside down for the views), and we all played wii ski till after midnight.

Today we drove into Aberdeen, about 50 miles away, and Bob and Hannah spent about three hours in the tropical leisure pool, with flumes, waves, rapids etc, while I walked for about 6 miles. We met up for coffee in the afternoon, and took a brief trip into the city centre to get some more reading material, since we are more reliant on entertaining ourselves, and headed home to a casserole which had been in a low oven all day. Now having some local whisky which you can only get direct from the distillery along the road, they only make it for the export market, and feeling no pain 🙂



  1. Jax said

    Sorry to hear of your trials and tribulations, hope it’s all looking up for you now. Thank you for making the blogging effort though 🙂

    And you did make me giggle. It’s the way you tell it.

  2. Sarah said

    yes, nice to hear from you while you’re away, despite the hassles you had getting there (argh to the hair straighteners, makes me grateful for neighbours with keys when we do things like that!). Hope you enjoy the rest of the week too 🙂

  3. Nic said

    It’s not the potty story, but you are indeed returning to form 😉
    Hope the rest of the holiday goes well x

  4. Tech said

    Ooh are you at the hilton lodges? We stayed there with Anke a few years ago – bloody gorgeous!! Lucky people even for all the crap at the start!

  5. Alison said

    Lol, you do write a good story 🙂 Glad that most things have been worked round!

  6. Merry said

    What they all said… but… compensatory refund, i think!!!!!

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