Holly holly days…..

Barely back at work, and off on holiday again. We are off up North for a week, to a nice lodge with jacuzzi, sauna etc (in the lodge), and all the other amenities in the main complex. No snow, so probably no skiing, but looking forward to a week of R+R. Although having a bit of a breakdown tonight, as my parents are coming to dog-sit, so attempting to conceal the muck of months for my mother’s benefit. I really wish we could take Maisie, but no dogs allowed, but we will miss her a lot, and it would really be dog paradise.

Hannah hasn’t been well, but feeling a lot better on some anti-virals.

Today we walked the dog for about 6 miles, as my mum won’t let her off the lead in case she won’t come back and then Hannah bathed her, so is looking very cute. Her coat is quite shaggy just now, as we let it grown a bit for winter. Bob has been going through a process of having to re-apply for jobs, and has just been made an offer, so that is a relief – very much the same as he is doing, and it isn’t going to require him to go back on shifts, which we had been worried about, and also means I am spared from having to go back to work full time. The business isn’t really relaible enough to sustain us without one of us working full time, so that was a relief, as its just really starting to take off, and I would have been gutted to leave it to go back to full time employment.

So – I have a dongle, but can’t guarantee it will work in the Cairngorm National Park, so if not, back in a week šŸ™‚


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  1. Jax said

    glad to hear the jobs news, any alternative would have been truly sickening. Hope you have a lovely relaxing week – we’re away to Centerparcs next Monday, and I’m really looking forward to it.

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