12th day

Hannah and I were up at the crack of dawn to blag a GP appointment today. Given they’ve been closed for 5 days, I thought it may be impossible, but I finally got past the engaged tone at 8.10, and got offered an appointment at 8.25. This has happened to us before, so I was already prepared with us both dressed, dog crated, car defrosted etc, so we made it.

Wandered into town afterwards, and Hannah spent some book tokens in Waterstones. Annoyingly, two of the three books she wanted had a buy two get one free sticker on it, so I chose one for myself to make up the third, and told her I would give her the money. I sent her off to pay herself, and it turned out that all of hers were on offer, even though one didn’t have a sticker, so I ended up buying something I hadn’t been desperate for rather needlessly. Oh well.

Came home, and took down the tree etc. I always feel ridiculously maudlin taking down the tree, and wondering what we’ll all be doing by the time it goes back up again. Maybe a hangover from pre-Hannah days when every Xmas, we would say “maybe next xmas, we’ll have a baby”. Anyway, sniffed my way through that, and it’s all waiting upstairs for Bob to put in the loft when he gets home. Realised we had some chicken in the fridge that wasn’t really enough for dinner for three, but had to be eaten, so we had cold chicken, with olives, cherry tomatoes and brocilli stirred through it for lunch. Hannah asked if I wanted wine since we were having a posh lunch, lol. (I declined, in case you are wondering!)

Hannah curled up on the sofa, and I took the dog for a woodland walk, which was lovely. We saw several herons, and a funny bird I haven’t seen on the river before. It looked like a huge duck, with a white body, and a black head. Came home, realised that the last place we had photos lurking was on the cameras, which I had forgotton about, so dealt with that, did some business paperwork – I’m thinking about running a course in Aberdeen, so needed to find suitable venues to look at when we are up north on holiday next week. Tackled the ironing basket, and Hannah listened to some music on her ipod.

And its only 5pm, and everything is done, AND I’ve blogged. PLUS I’ve taken down the blog tree as well ;-), and replaced with something to match the weather. What a difference getting up early makes.


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  1. Jax said

    Hm, new theme is pretty, but it doesn’t half hide stuff, like commenting options and blogring!

    Sounds a very productive day, hope the doctor’s appt was for nothing serious.

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