I rarely use flickr, as it has always seemed a huge faff (which may indicate I’m not doing it right), but I realised that all our photos were scattered all over the place, and not backed up. So today I went round all the computers in the house, and gathered them all onto an external drive, and have set them up to upload to flickr -there wasn’t as many as I thought, (about 1000, maybe), but they are taking forever, its been three hours already, and only 17% are done. I suspect it’s going to be a long evening!

We’ve done the usual beach walk, gathered up (a theme developing), all the food that was lying about in various fridges, cooked it all, and froze what we won’t use quickly.

Hannah has been excited all day waiting to the announcement about the new Dr Who, we’ve been talking about the kinds of things she might want to do over the next few months, thinking about MOTB (Ros, are your lot going this year?), planning where we might go in the caravan, and generally waiting for real life to re-start on Monday.Its been a lovely couple of weeks 🙂



  1. Sarah said

    yeah and you know after you’ve uploaded them all you really ought to organise them, tag them, etc.! I’m enjoying looking at them even if it is a slow process your end.

  2. Joyce said

    LOL, Sarah. I think THAT part will have to wait awhile – like, for the next decade, now that there are at least safe. I will be more organised now about dealing with them as I take them, though. And I got up this morning, and there is still 10% left to upload, having left it at it all night. That’s about 24 hours to do them all – surely that’s not right? Its not as if I have a slow connection or anything.

  3. Tech said

    considering it took me nearly a whole day to upload 70 photos the other week, I think you’r doing remarkably well. I got loads of glitches which meant I had to go back and start the process over again.

  4. HelenHaricot said

    are you using the latest flickr uploadr? it allows you to set and tag at the time anyway – mind you i am way behind [something to do with taking so many photos ]
    happy new year

  5. Roslyn said

    Yes we’re going! Probably not the first week in August though as it means we miss Kent Camp and *I* really want to do that this year. Will let you know asap as to which week we pick. Buzz is pushing to go but my heart is struggling!

    Have loved seeing your photos come up!

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