Cartoon dog

Today at the beach even the rock pools were frozen. (Must check the freezing point of salt water.) Maisie loves running through the rock pools, so today she set off at speed ….. and skidded across on her belly, with all four lags splayed out, her chin on the ice, and a VERY surprised expression on her face. Anyway, taking back what I said in my last post about her being bright, she continued to do it on just about every pool she found. It was hysterical, and she was looked at askance by all the more senior and sensible dogs on the beach.

Came home, made hot chocolate and mallows for Hannah and me, and then she curled up on the sofa (she’s been feeling a bit poorly for the last few days), while I rushed round with the vacuum cleaner, flicked a duster over the place, and stuck dinner in a casserole on the hob.

Bob did a Tesco run when he came home, (still need to get cream and courgettes, both of which were finished in two different supermarkets), but otherwise that’s us sorted for the next half of the holidays. I sort of miss the festive season of my childhood, when there was no obvious signs of Xmas till the 23rd, when the village decorations were switched on, the tree went up on Xmas Eve, and then it was non-stop celebrations for 12 nights. Now it all seems to start at the begining of December, and people are taking the tree down from the 26th.

Rather glad I took leave over the holidays though. With the public holidays being on Thursday and Friday, and with them normally being working days for me, I had to take annual leave to cover them, as of course as a part-timer, I don’t have a public holiday entitlement as such – the public holidays are pro-rated onto my annual leave. I toyed with the idea of working on the Mondays and Tuesdays of each week instead, but decided against it, and it’s been lovely to be off. Bob has also had to take some annual leave to cover the holiday closure at his work (24th and 31st, as well as the PH), so it’s been lovely to have us all here. Its nice to be at home without any pressure to “be on holiday” or go anywhere.


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  1. jax said

    Happy New Year. Hope it’s a good one.

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