McDreamie fantasies

The turkey has reached the final stage, and will be finished tonight, with rostis made from leftover sprouts and potatoes. We’ve yet to tackle the Xmas pudding, but may manage it tonight.

Really frosty here today, it almost looked as if it had been snowing. So we all wrapped up and walked for miles along the beach. Maisie’s recall is getting pretty reliable, so it’s nice that she can get off the lead for long stretches, I hated keeping her on the lead all the time. I wouldn’t trust her in traffic, or near farm animals, but she is fine on beaches/in parks etc. Hannah got a book on agility training in her stocking, and she’s keen to start that with her. I don’t know why I’m vaguely surprised at how bright she (the dog!) is. As we always had guide dogs for their first year when I was growing up, I was used to dogs being highly trainable, and also being working animals, but somehow I didn’t expect it of a POODLE!!  It’s funny as she was really a dog of last resort for us because of Bob’s allergies, and not one I would ever have chosen, but she is such a non-stereotypical poodle. Or maybe I was unfairly predjudiced against them. I suspect that last sentence is tautology. Can one be fairly predjudiced? Anyway, the dog is lovely 🙂

We had a great evening skiing on the wii fit last night,  but I was mightly pissed off when we switched it on for the first time. It told Hannah (5 foot 7, size 8 feet, perfect size 10, competitive athlete), that she is “overweight” based on her BMI. Not even a mention that BMI is not a good measure for athletes. She’s robust enough just to laugh it off, and she understands enough about physiology to know that she has pretty significant muscle development for a 12 year old, and also that the muscle weighs a lot, but its the last thing a pre-teen needs to be told. The fitness goals that they are asked for are all based on weight change as well, rather than on performance. At the end of the day, ffs, its a GAME, surely it doesn’t need any quasi-scientific crap? Once I got over my rant about that though, it was fun 😉

And then Bob and I watched another 4 episodes of Grey’s Anatomy, while I had Patrick Dempsey fantasies. Yum.

Bob goes back to work tomorrow for a few days, so we may get back to more normal hours.



  1. Nic said

    I was really shocked at that bit of wii fit when I saw it at someone’s house too. It could be so damaging to a child and whilst I see the point of it as a motivator I reckon it should be something you can go into as an option rather than a default.

  2. Jan said

    I had a poodle as a child and he was really intelligent. If you said ‘pussy cat’ he would rush to the door to go out and chase it, so we shortened it to ‘pc’ but he recognised that too so that one day Mum mentioned she had seen a wpc on the street and he thought that was something to chase too. Actually, maybe that’s not so smart. 🙂

  3. Tech said

    I won’t have a wii in the house (don’t like the vibes man. 😉 )We have a few friends who have them, and they are good fun, but the idea of the wii fit makes me want to puke and that’s just totally made my mind up!

  4. Alison said

    The BMI bit doesn’t seem to have made any impression here.

    Sounds like you’ve been having a great time 🙂

  5. Sarah said

    I ranted at the BMI thing as well, it told all my kids that they were overweight too!

    Happy New Year to all of you, being as I’ve kind of missed wishing you a Happy Christmas! 🙂

  6. Roslyn said

    Well we’re all perfect or underweight LOL! Well except Tony…. It hasn’t even registered with mine I don’t think but I can see how I as a teenager would have taken it on board and would have been damaging.

    I hated poodles until I met Maisie and instantly wanted one!

  7. tbird said

    hmmm, I thought they had adjusted that BMI thing after the initial bad publicity about it classifying healthy kids as “overweight”.

    Think I’ll take that off my wish list and get the dance mat thingie instead then!

  8. Joyce said

    It IS great fun Katy, and current ones may be different, I’ve had it put away for months. BMI shouldn’t be used for kids anyway, I don’t think, and it isn’t a reliable measure in adult athletes either. I just think its a stupid pointless thing to have in a kids game.

  9. jax said

    I have a vegetarian friend who does triathlons, and her BMI marks her out as obese. It does have to be said that she doesn’t look like an athlete, but I certainly think someone who does that amount of training would struggle to be very unhealthy!

    Poodles are meant to be very intelligent and very trainable, my encounters with a standard poodle as a teenager proved that to me too. I’ve never really spent any time with any smaller ones though.

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