Please don’t make me eat any more chocolate

We’ve had a rather lovely few days. On Tuesday (23rd), Hannah and I went to John Lewis and had a Bobbi Brown make-over, came away with lots of samples, (although I could never really justify spending money like that on make-up) and then we went to Pizza Express and chattted for a couple of hours. Bob picked us up at the station, and then he and Hannah went off to see his dad, while I did present wrapping.

Xmas Eve we went for a long walk and had hot cohcolate in Beanscene, and really just lazed around. I think Christmas Eve is my favourite time. Hannah sent off to bed around 10pm, and Bob and I stayed up till around midnight. Around 3am the dog went mad barking, which is really unusual for her, and we decided it must be Santa 🙂 We all slept in till about 9am, and discovered that there were presents 🙂

Hannah has wanted a DS lite for ages, and I had been reluctant as her other DS was still in good nick. However, we wanted to give my dad a special present this year as a thank you for doing all the work on the kitchen, so we gave him Hannah’s DS, with Big Brain Academy, Sudoko and Tetris, and Hannah got a pink DS lite 🙂 She also got a wii fit, and loads of books. She also got a lump of PMC, to have a go at making silver jewellery and an encaustic art set. She had also bought presents for us, without any help, and was SO excited about these. And we loved them 🙂 Hannah tends to open her presents very slowly over a few days. Its not that she gets masses, its just that she likes to savour it. So the DS did get unwrapped on Xmas day, yesterday was books, and today was the wii fit.

We did have a turkey crown for Xmas day, but around 3pm, after we’d been for a long walk, we decided we couldn’t be bothered cooking, so we had some party food from the freezer, bucks fizz, and later on, bacon rolls. Unconventional, but lovely. So on Boxing Day we had the full works, and watched about 5 hours of Grey’s Anatomy, series 4, which I had ordered from the US for Bob.

Today is really frosty, and we’ve been looking to see if we can get booked into a carvan site for new year, without luck so far, but it would be nice to do something different. The dog has had another long walk, and we are about to do some more chocolate clearing 😉



  1. leandra said

    Merry Christmas Joyce x All the Best for 2009 x

  2. Jan said

    Chocolate clearing – yes, that sounds like what we need to do here too. I got a fridge magnet for Christmas which says Chocolate is the answer, who cares what the question is. I think the question might have been what shall we get J&J for Christmas?

  3. Roslyn said

    Sounds just wonderful! Pea makes her gifts last for days which I think is sweet. Buzz rips the mound apart in about 5 minutes! I like the idea of no Christmas dinner which is why we leave it to about 5-6pm for a light Christmas dinner and have the main feast on boxing day when the family are here.

  4. Alison said

    lol, Dylan was barking loads at 4am here! He’d woken me barking a few nights before, but when I went down and opened his crate, he just looked at me confusedly and went back to sleep. But at 4 on Christmas morning he was prowling the house looking for whatever had alerted him. Definitely Santa 😉

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