Decorating the blog…

… no hope of decorating the house in the foreseeable future. We finally almost have a kitchen floor again, having got rid of the rot. So that’s novel, not to have the dog constantly getting stuck under the floorboards. Christmas dinner is likely to be something cooked in the slow cooker, like every other meal for the last however long. I feel really bad, as everything Hannah asks atm, my answer is “no!. Can we have the tree up soon? No. Can I cook something? No. Can I do some Xmas crafts? No. I will never again re-do a kitchen while I’m living in the house. I know this one has been particularly bad, but even so, can never face it again.

Yesterday we went to Edinburgh together for the Christmas fair, and I was shocked at how much we spent. I suppose nearly 50 quid on the train, but even so. She had a hour skating, one go each on the gallopers, the chairaplanes and the big wheel (I went on that as well), plus a hot chocolate each, a burger each, and then waffles before we left, and I left with £100 in my purse, and came home with £15. Gulp.

The dog is spending far too much time in her crate to keep her safe, meaning shes wild when she gets out of it, so everything is stressy. Coupled with massive changes at Bob’s work, meaning he may well end up back on shift, and me working all last week (freelance, so at least it paid for the re-wiring and the new kitchen floor), has been a recipe for lots of grumpiness. I look at Bob and I with our multiple degrees, and I really amn’t sure I would ever overly encourage Hannah to go down that academic route, unless she wanted it for its own sake. When we started out, to have two degrees was seen as the pinacle of achievement, and the route to all sorts of opportunities, and while I suppose I’ve done OK out of it, I look at Bob at 50+, still working 12 hour days, and I’m not convinced it was worth all the scrimping and saving we did to allow it to happen.

Anyway, all that sound miserable, and actually its not really that bad, except for the mess and dust, and never having a day without hammering, all of which is getting to us all. We feel guiltly having a day off, as it means just another day of living in this mess, but I think we’ve decided to stop for a few days over Xmas, and just eat, drink and be merry 🙂

Have been trying to organise HPV and a rubella booster for Hannah which is proving challenging as both are only delivered through the school health service. The GP’s receptionist suggested we would need to go private. I think not! So have emailed the director of Public Health at the Health Board, and asked them what arrangments they’ve made for HE kids. Nice to know that someone will be running around trying to answer that one on Monday 😉



  1. jax said

    well, I think the blog looks beautiful, and I’m sure the kitchen will be too when it’s done.

    So you don’t recommend doing the second degree I’m about to sign up on? 😉 I’m doing it for fun though, so that makes it alright I guess.

    And how weird is it that you blog just as I’m going through the blogring for the first time in forever, with my old admin hat back on, as I’ve come back out to play again 🙂

  2. Alison said

    Oooh, very nice here! You do sound miserable though – hope things improve in the new year when the kitchen’s sorted.

  3. Sarah said

    trying to decide what I think about the HPV vaccine actually, before Anna hits it next year. Not sure yet.

    hope you can manage to get the house to some sort of state where you can enjoy the Christmas relaxation!

  4. HelenHaricot said

    aargh to kitchen related stresses. maybe hannah can have a removska for christmas and do all her baking in that.
    and sarah, i think i am a yes to the hpv thing – though i think ALL should be vacc rather than just girls…

  5. HelenHaricot said

    and happy xmas! love the seasonal blog look

  6. tbird said

    hope the kitchen is done soon!!!!! Very pretty blog decs

  7. Joyce said

    Oh, not really miserable, just fed up. One of those nightmare scenarios that start with a new lightbulb and end up with re wiring the house. The rot and the asbestos was a blow but looking on the bright side, I guess even worse had it gone undectected for another two years.just feel we’ve lived in perpetual mess for months, not my strong point, lol, and spent 10 grad on nothing obvious.

  8. jax said

    I’m in moderation 😦

  9. Roslyn said

    Sounds like life here! Especially the money on nothing obvious bit!

  10. Tech said

    We were invited to get the HPV thing and can only presume it came via the LA. We’re declining though 😉

    Although I don’t have a degree, going on experiences of various family members, particularly Dave’s niece who is about to finish hers, I won’t recommend the degree route, and funnily enough my SIL who really pushed for niece to go that route, feels rather differently now. Coming out with 18k of debt to look for a job in a shrinking job sector, with a degree that she has no intention of using seems like the antithesis of a university education, IMO.

    Hope you have a good few days off from all the crap. xx

  11. vicki said

    ouch.. And I thought we were stressed at christmas this year. At least if you cant work, you dont need to equate that into the equation 😀

    As for the boosters, in our clinic there are two options, either the school nurse will do them for us, here they just seem to continue what the midwife does but has a exclusive title. or the Drs clinic will do them – the clinical nurse.

    Vicki xx

  12. Merry said

    I think i am going to be declining the HPV jab too, having conferred with Fran on it, though this could be awkward as she’ll perhaps be in school when it comes up. But we’ll see. House all sounds a bit of a nightmare but glad it is on the up now.

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