Long time no blog

So……still no central heating, but have discovered that 3 more of my neighbours were all condemned on the same day. Seems a bit suspicious to me. Dad has offered to come and install a new IKEA kitchen and a bathroom for us, starting as soon as the boiler is changed. Which could be… um… no idea. Three “absolutely firm” dates have passed with no progress, so I’ve stopped even hoping. The washing machine, the fridge and the dishwasher have all given up the ghost now that the end is in sight, the TV is on the blink, the router imploded and my PC has died. However, we did have a nice day yesterday choosing the new kitchen in IKEA. Funnily enough they don’t sell washing machines, as in Sweden a washing machine is a bathroom appliance, not a kitchen appliance, and IKEA doesn’t do bathroom. Anyone got a recomendation for an integrated washer/dryer combo? I’m never having another Hotpoint appliance in the house. Bought a lovely new cooker today, thoughs it going to be £100 to get our old gas hob taken out and a new one installed. My dad has alsways fitted our gas appliances, but of course its not allowed any longer.

We’ve also been sacked by our language teacher, as she thought it was unreasonable of me to complain about her reliablility after she cancelled two out of the last 4 lessons – the second one after Bob had driven for half an hour to meet her. ho hum.

Hannah is good. Hormonal, and disappointed about the french lessons, so we need to find someone else asap. But otherwise well. Business doing well. Work good. Maisie sweet. Bob girding his loins to navvy for my dad for a week.



  1. elaine said

    Goodness it is nice to find a post even though it has taken me awhile to get here:)

  2. Merry said

    I’m having visions of you having starved. hope you are okay and equally hope that i’m not so out of the loop that i don’t know about some disaster or other. Hope it isn’t that anyway.

  3. elaine said

    Now kettles and frying pans are springing to mind. I have been wrapped up in trying to help undo the damage diabetes uk are doing to type 1 kids with all their poor diet = diabetes ads but when we force the Lords to speak about it and a member stands up and suggests they should be doing more to influence the diet of children from very young and another follows by suggesting that pregnant mothers diets be influenced by the powers that be after you have told them this auto immune disease is not triggered by diet or any other as yet defined cause well you just have to wonder if your headache is caused by banging your head on a brick wall and if it would be simpler to return to blogland,… yup I think a return to blogland is a possibility and a day out with peeps who are working far too hard would be wonderful:)

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