Of course you can do it, darling

Said I, trying to persaude Bob that his DIY skills are up to installing a new kitchen. We went to Ikea this evening, and I realised that if he did the work, we could spend about 75% less than the quoted prices.

None of the plumbers have even bothered to quote for a boiler, and the Gas Board quote arrived today  – nearly 5K for a straight replacement – ie, not even a combi. I felt sick. We are still hoping that a local plumber will quote for fitting, as the boiler itself to buy is ony about 700. I waited in all day today for a promised visit from a plumber, but he didn’t show.

Anyway, as it was warmer out than in, we’ve spent the weekend getting the garden settled down for winter, and this evening we were all so fed up, we took Hannah to Xsape to play on the climbing wall and skyway, while Bob and I visited Ikea and drank hot chocolate.

And to crown it off yesterday, the bloody puppy just about got herself killed. Bob was weeding a border at the front, the dog was lying beside him, and a car shot into our turning circle place (we are the second last house in a dead end), and Maisie shot out to see him off the premises. He struck her a glancing blow to the shoulder, and she sort of bounced. The driver didn’t even realised he had hit her (well, I’m giving hhim the benefit of the doubt on that one, he just sped off). She seemed fine, both Bob and I were really upset though, and Hannah was inconsolable. Bob and I spent all night taking it in turns to get up and shine lights into her eyes and ask her who the prime minister is. She seems none the worse for it today, but the rest of us are still shaky. I wish they put speed bumps in that road though.

So holiday weekend over, back to work for  Bob tomorrow, Maisie is getting a hair cut, and we are waiting yet again for a plumber.



  1. Elaine said

    I think as a team effort twixt the 3 of you the Ikea kitchen is a real possibility.

  2. Blimey, poor Maisie! Glad she seems okay. And urgh to all the financial outlay of kitchen and boiler and stuff.

  3. Allie said

    Good luck with the kitchen.

  4. Alison said

    C and I did our (MFI) fitted kitchen in our first house – it was very small, and we made a couple of mistakes, but nothing major. We plumbed in the sink, and tiled the worktop and splashback, and it was fine.

    Then in this house, we bought free-standing Ikea kitchen things, and I did all of that. We paid Simon (who had just been made redundant) to do a load of rewiring and the plumbing. (The wobbly tap is our fault, not his!)

    If we can do it, having fuck all knowledge or skills, I bet Bob could make a lovely job of it 🙂

  5. Chris said

    It’s Si’s fault that tap.

    And I think Alice did the first install not we.

  6. sallym said

    Just remember that the plumbing to Ikea sinks is a different size to regular UK stuff so be careful!

  7. Roslyn said

    Poor Maisie!

    I like to blame Simon for the tap, makes for more fun LOL!

  8. Alison said

    pmsl 🙂 Bloody Simon.

    He’s been right a few times lately, it’s a bit unnerving. Anyone noticed any other end-of-the-world portents?

  9. Layla said

    I’m practically a surrendered wife nowadays.


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