Cryptic clues

OK, google has let me down, but i’m sure bloggers won’t πŸ™‚

I have 30 cryptic clues here, and I’ve got 26 of them, the last 4 have me beat. The answer will be a tree -from anywhere in the world. So, that 4 I can’t get are:

  1. This is associated with coffins (and we’ve used oak and pine for other answers, and I’m sure they are right)
  2. This could provide your doormat (I’ve been looking all day to see if there was such a thing as a hessian tree, but can’t find one)
  3. An assignation
  4. A fine wood for furniture

All suggestions gratefully recieved. There is a few bags of garden manure at stake here!



  1. K2B2 said

    could no 2 be a coconut tree? no4 – mahogany?

  2. Kirsty said

    ugh – that’s me!!

  3. Joyce said

    Yep, I got to coconut as well, didn’t realise that was where coir was from. You may well be right with mahogany – what’s the link you see with the question? I couldn’t work out WHY to choose mahogamy over, say, Teak THank you πŸ™‚

  4. Joyce said

    And actually, the answer to the coffin one is most realistically chip board, but I don’t think you get chip board trees πŸ™‚

  5. Kirsty said

    I didn’t have a link for the mahogany, it was just a guess. Too much watching antiques roadshow probably with lots of mahogany furniture!! Could teak be for coffins, brings up a couple of things on google. I take it each tree can be used once? Maybe it means a tree associated with graeyards – is that a yew tree?

    It’s quite scary how many sites google brings up on how to build a coffin!!

  6. Chris said

    Are they cryptic?

    An assignation is date presumably.

    Give us an example of ones you think you know.

  7. Joyce said

    Ha, coffins were traditionally made from elm, which was associated with death. And having googled mahogany, it is actually described as “fine wood”. So only one to go- the assignation one. I wondered if it had some link to the Thomas Harvey novel, Under the Greenwood Tree, but that seems particularly contrived.

  8. Kirsty said

    or maybe a coffin tree

  9. Joyce said

    I used yew already for the clue “it isn’t me”. Others have been things like “find it in Lebanon” (the Banon Tree) and “was the kon tiki made of this?” which I think is balsa, which IS what it was made of.

  10. Joyce said

    Oh, now I#m doubting elm for coffins, Kirsty. That one of yours MUST be right, surely. I can see my manure getting further away.

  11. Joyce said

    LOL, duh @ me, Chris. I just realised that “date” was the answer. I’ve been trying to work out why you gave me the meaning of the bloody word, but it was me being blonde.

  12. Chris said

    Duh indeed πŸ™‚

    Of course the Lebanon Flag has a picture of a cedar tree on it.

  13. Joyce said

    I’ve used cedar for “moths don’t like this” Fuck, its harder than I thought, all this effort for a pile of shit

  14. Merry said


  15. Alan said


    Did you ever get the right answers for these?

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