And in other news

When I haven’t been distracting myself with comping, we’ve been enduring visits from plumbers, joiners, electricans and sundry other tradesmen who can’t actually help me for months. I foolishly registered on a “get a local quote website”, and had 87 phone calls in two hours. Not that its moved us further forward

We had a kitchen designer in this morning, he was here for hours, but he did in the end suggest a design I liked at a price that I could live with. And then he lost the sale when he had a major strop and sulk as I wouldn’t sign there and then. He wanted 25% deposit today, and was not at all amused when I said I wanted a few days to think about it, as he was a) the first quote we’d had b) there was no way I could hand over a cheque for that amount and expect the bank not to have a breakdown c) post-dating it till Monday to allow us to transfer money today was not the answer either. The money wasn’t even going to be bonded in any way, there was no way I was parting with it. He also annoyed Bob as he had told us at the begining that there was no bargaining, no special offers, he would give us the best price he could, and that would be a final one. Which was fair enough with us, but then to try and beat us into signing today, he then started to knock money off “just for today” which THEN made us feel that he hadn’t actually offered us the best deal. So bored with it already. And the plumber says that all the new carpets etc are going to have to be lifted, which is also pissing me off.

Anyway. Hannah asked me last night if she could have her ears peirced. She’s been thinking about it for a while, but suddenly decided. Bob was duly persauded, and off we went this afternoon. I REALLY wished she hadn’t wanted it done, but I’m hardly a role model for saying no. And then I’m embarrassed to say that even though I have held Hannah’s hand through all sorts of vile proceedures, this one really upset me, and I thought I was going to be sick, and had to walk away and leave her. Anyway, her ears aren’t even red, and she said it didn’t hurt at all. I seem to remember mine bleeding and being scarlet for days.

And now Bob is teaching her how to make chicken fafitas from scratch, so I’m drinking wine and looking forward to a nice dinner.


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  1. Roslyn said

    Forgot to say, thanks for parcel! Much appreciated by all xxxx

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