That’s a good use of money

Not. On Thursday Scottish Gas knocked on the door to say they were in the area, and could they do our annual central heating service. 10 minutes later the boiler had been condemned and disconnected, as the part it needed (even though it was still working fine) was no longer a stock item. Have had a couple of quotes, and it looks as if we will be lucky to get away with 4K. As the entire system is 30 years old, apparently if we put a new boiler on the old system, it will just seize up with crud. I wish I’d told them it wasn’t convenient. Also, it look as if the new boiler won’t fit into the space of the old one (when they get round to fitting it, estimated as 15 December!!), so the kitchen which already was fairly dubious (and 30 years old) is also going to have to be dismantled. So probably looking at a new kitchen and central heating system, at a conservative estimate of £12K. FUCK. OK, it was hideous 70s pine, but you know what, it all worked, but I just don’t think I can live with holes in the wall forever.

Meanwhile we have no heating, and no hot water. We’ve got an electrician coming to put an immersion heater in the tank tomorrow, to get us to the end of the year, and we are hoping it won’t get too cold before then. And while neither of us had central heating till we were 30, we also had homes with alternative forms of heating, aka coal fire and back boiler. Central heating IS the only heating now. Sigh. I hate that we don’t have it, and I despise myself for minding 😦

Hannah and I spent the weekend at my mum’s, while I went to the Schoolhouse conference, and listened to John Taylor Gatto. And as a huge plus, hot showers on tap 😉 . Meanwhile, Hannah has been busy doing French, training the puppy (who ate a tube of green glitter on Wednesday – NICE craps), and generally alternating between totally lovely and hormonal monster.

Tomorrow I’m back at work after a week off, and even though I do love my new job, being at home without it is actually rather lovely. Gearing up for the autumn courses, which have a reasonable number booked.

Half term holiday weekend this weekend, so still experiencing the novelty of Bob having public holidays off. We had planned to go away in the caravan, but I think we may just sort the garden, go to the pictures, and chill out.



  1. Roslyn said

    Crap. Sometimes answering the door is a big mistake. Your kitchen is not hideous! To make you feel better we had a quote for a new boiler system (the house needs 2) and some other plumbing bits and it was 35K not including and fucking fixtures! I’ve been swearing for a week now about it. We’ve been looking at the open fires and wondering about just having those. I had two cleaned this week as a trial run.

  2. Alison said

    Oh christ. My sympathies. Shall we start a whip round?

  3. Allie said

    Aaargh! That’s fun. Rather like our recent news that the roof needs replacing. Nothing much to do except put up with it, is there?

  4. tbird said

    don’t suppose you would qualify for a “warm front” grant would you? or whatever the Scottish equivelent is?

  5. Elle said

    Oh no, that’s absolutely awful. Elle

  6. Joanna said

    Argh, I sympathise. We need a new boiler too (though thankfully DH managed to cobble the old one together to last a bit longer) and I was astonished at the prices.

  7. Joyce said

    lol, TBird, I’m not THAT old. It’s 60+ for those in Scotland. And Joanne, the moral is not to let them in, as it was working fine, it just had a small degree of corrosion in the back plate, and as Scottish Gas no longer maintain that type of boiler, it was disconnected and condemned before I could blink.

  8. Kirsty said

    Lol, I don’t think t-bird meant you were old! We’re getting a warmfront grant (insulation for free hopefully) but it’s because we earn so little and get Working Tax Credit. I’m assuming Tbird meant could you get that.

    And argh to the boiler. I’d be tempted to get a woodburning stove incorporated and start using less gas altogether. One day when I have my own house it’s what I’ll do (in my own little world probably!). Can’t believe it’s happened just like that actually. I’d be complaining!

  9. Elizabeth said

    Double Argh to the boiler! Sad part is-those estimates sound about average.

  10. Elaine said

    When we lived on the moors there were maybe 10 houses in our little patch and after a main pipe replacement they came and checked everybody’s apliances to ensure there were no air locks etc and I was the only person with a gas fire by the end of the day they condemmed en-mass the daft thing was mine was unusable as the glass front had smashed many moons before

  11. SallyM said

    Sympathy, we have been coaxing our boiler along for the last 4 years because we just can’t afford to replace it, its one with a water tank and they want us to have a combi which means then replacing all the pipework which means lifting all the laminate flooring – ie its a huge job thats going to mean practically emptying the house so they can get where they need to. Each time it gets a bit colder outside I pray that the heat continues inside, I nearly had a heart attack earlier when it took nearly 10 minutes for the water to run hot! As for the kitchen, we did ours for around £1000, my Dad fitted it but I got bits from all over, inside cupboard fittings & the flooring from Ebay, cupboards from B&Q, sink, worktop, appliances & tiles from cheap places on the net. I designed it myself as I knew what I wanted and none of the designers would give me enough storage! I hope you manage to get through until it can be replaced.

  12. Tech said

    i’d be very tempted to get a multifuel stove with back boiler fitted instead. Should be vastly cheaper!

  13. Merry said

    Oh bugger! Hope something happens to make that more affordable – what a nightmare! (Sodding gas company…)

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