When we started HE we felt odd when everyone else we knew who we’d been through the first 5 years with went off to school, and now its happening again, in that the few children we knew here who were HE’ed for primary school, plus a lot of the online people we’ve grown through HE with have gone to secondary school, and I feel a  bit like we are walking that road less travelled again. Most of the online people we know have probably followed their children’s choices in this, as have we, opting for the other option, but most of the IRL people have made the choice as they feel they can’t support their children through secondary education, and one even said to me yesterday “they can afford to play till 11, but then you really can’t take any chances, can you – you’ve got to hand it over to the professionals”.

Which has left me slightly panic striken really. Bob would do school in a minute, although he excepts that Hannah wouldn’t go for it, and so does support her in not going. But I know he is finding it increasingly hard to front this weird decision, and I just….. worry.

Anyhow, Hannah is now at no 5 in the Scottish rankings, with her final big day tomorrow. She’s very nervous, I think, and we are heading off in half an hour, rather than get up at 5am. The Spanish teacher was lovely. Hannah fell in love with her. Today we realised that her guide uniform didn’t fit AT ALL, so had to go to Glasgow to get a new one-  the biggest they do, and then we realised that the sole of the trainers she got in the States had split, so she needed another paid of those, as well.

Have started a mammoth clear out of her book cases – I’m going to an HE conference on Friday, so will probably take them to see in anyone wants them for a donation to charity, two boxes already, and still haven’t tackled the playroom. One thing that WOULD be nice about no HE, would be a remarkable reducation in stuff!!



  1. Allie said

    You’re not alone 😉

    Wow to the rankings! Fab.

  2. Jan said

    I know I’m not quite there yet, and I may feel different when Catie reaches secondary age, but at the moment I feel there’s even more to be gained by being at home for secondary than primary education. Certainly around here there isn’t a secondary school I would be very happy sending a child to, and we do have several local HEors with slightly older children, who are ploughing the furrow ahead of me, but when people ask me, as they do, “what are you going to do about high school?” I always say I can’t think of any particular reason to send them.

  3. Sarah said

    I am at least relieved that we didn’t stop HE because we didn’t think we could manage; I was always quite prepared to carry on all the way through (and in some ways disappointed that I’m unlikely to do that end of it!). Think you’re absolutely right to just keep trogging on with it – after all, if it’s not broken, why fix it? It is clearly working for Hannah which is the most important thing.

    Very impressed with rankings too, hope all goes well for whatever the big day is tomorrow.

  4. Tech said

    Well my oldest two have no inclination whatsoever to go, so we’ll walk alongside you on that path. Envious of that HE conference – please blog it! I totally KWYM about the stuff – we keep thinking we can get rid of some bits but then realise that the next child along will benefit, so we have to hang on to it all – boy are we drowning in *essential he stuff*!

    Congrats to H on the ranking, that’s fantastic – we watched a bit of the shot putting during the olympics and visualised H being there in 2012 🙂

  5. Alison said

    No 5! That’s fantastic – well done, and I hope today is going well xxxxx

    Gwenny seems pretty determined that she’s not going to school either 🙂

  6. tbird said

    wow to the number 5 ranking!
    hmph to the “you need to hand over to the proffessionals at 11” attitude, how silly! You’ve done the hard bit laying down the basics, from 11 on surely it’s just providing them with resources and whatever? (please tell me it’s easier once they can read!!!! PLEASE!!!!!)
    and another hmph to too small Guide uniform – Aprilia’s Brownie teeshirt is up past her navel and it’s the biggest Brownie size they do, she could fit a friend inside it with her widthways but they don’t make them long enough grump, growl etc

  7. Layla said

    Five is incredible!

    Claudia really, really, really wants to go to school. I feel panic stricken at the thought tbh.

  8. Roslyn said

    Pea will be with you. I alternate between relief and panic. For me HE really is all about secondary age and I don’t know if I’m cut out for it. I feel strongly that certain stuff needs to be learnt and that I’m just not clever enough to do it. I very much doubt if Pea will ever go though, which actually I find sad as for her it;s a fear and I don’t want her to carry that through life. Boo on the other hand wants to go, I feel mixed about this as she only wants to go as she REALLY wants to be a ballerina. To do this she needs to go to boarding school. She doesn’t have to go until she is 16 but she has a worry that if she has never even been to a normal school how will she cope. A lot to have going on in a 10 year old head. Buzz isn’t allowed to go, he’s 7 and I feel strongly he should be at home for these primary years being a kid.

    Amazed at Hannah’s placement. Can’t wait to see her in 2012 🙂

  9. Merry said

    Well F and M are warbling about it but to be honest i doubt the reality will appeal (and f would be senior school in another year – blargh!!!!) I can’t see M actually surviving school, so i daresay we’ll be here a good bit longer too.

  10. Amanda said

    We are doing the secondry level at home – we did explore school and DS was offered a place in a grammar school …. he did not go.

    Well done Hannah being no5 is an awesome achievement.

    Keep up the good work.

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