Not even going to attempt to catch up

Hannah had a great two weeks, and wants to do it again. No phone calls or postcards or anything from the duration. Bob and I had a good time, but it rained every day except one. My walking boots sprang a leak (they ARE ancient), and Hannah had my other pair at MOTB, so we bought more, plus gortex trousers, and just got on with it really. Maisie was great, and we saw Chris and Alison and co, which was lovely. (and it didn’t rain till 7pm that day, so we really had two non-raining days, I guess. )

I flew home as planned, and did the exhibition, which went well, and then I did something to my congentally dislocated hip, which has had me investing a fortune at the osteopath and swigging codiene. Hip replacement on the cards within the next 5 years, which is about 20 years later than predicted, but still not a thought I am relishing.

Have found a lovely modern languages teacher for Hannah. A 22 year old Spanish woman with a French mother, (although it may be the other way about). Anyway, Hannah really likes her, and she totally gets HE. Hannah has been asking for language lessons for ages, and we’d really exhausted the extent to which I could help her, so very pleased about that. She has also added violin to her music lessons (all organised without me having to be involved at all. Well apart from paying!). She won the a regional event at shot putt on Saturday, so she is chuffed about that, even though she couldn’t get a medal, as she was a guest thrower. Haven’t looked yet, but it should have put her up the Scottish rankings considerably.

She chose a pile of books she wanted from Galore Park, and she is working on these. I think its still autonomous if they chose it themselves 😉  it feels odd to think she would now be at high school – the day wasn’t even marked, as she was at MOTB, but it felt significant, and she said she was up a hillside at the time, covered in mud, suddenly realised she would be starting back at school, and was happy she wasn’t. I never thought we would HE so long, and now I wouldn’t be surprised if it was forever.

I feel so proud of her that she is growing into such a lovely and independent young woman. 🙂



  1. Sarah said

    just sounds fab, well all apart from the hip replacement.

  2. HelenHaricot said

    commiserations wrt hip. and sounds fab for Hannah

  3. Roslyn said

    Excellent news! She is very lovely. Sorry about the hip 😦

  4. Layla said

    I’m not surpised you’re proud of her … I’d be bursting with pride if I was her mum 🙂

  5. Jax said

    didn’t know you’d had dislocated hip at birth, me too. It’s beginning to ache again now – think that the new job is a little too active on it, pondering a trip to the doctors.

    Hannah is a most excellent person, I miss having seen her (and you for that matter) recently.

  6. Alison said

    Yes, what Layla said 🙂 Was lovely to see you – would like to see Hannah as well at some point!

  7. Merry said

    Suddenly thought of you and realised it was ages since we’d “spoken” 🙂 Can’t believe H is that big; istill think she is about 5!!!!

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