The dongle works

Friday evening we had a bit of a nasty moment when we lifted the awning down from the rafters in the garage, where it is stored, and found that a squirrel had been using it as food store, and also as a supplementary feed. Rushed to Halfords for (several) punture repair kits, and we were still repairing it at 10pm.

Had a most tedious 10 hour drive down yesterday, in pouring rain. Arrived about 5pm, Bob put the awning up in non-stop downpour, and by 7, none of us were fit for anything but chip shop chips and and early night.

I had been insisting that Maisie lived in the awning, but Bob came over all soft and worried that she would be cold/loney/scared/noisy so she ended up sleeping with inside. At about 3am, I felt a thud on my chest, followed by enthusiastic licking, and thought Bob had a) grown hair b) come over all amorous. Realised it was the dog before we progressed to tongues, and chucked her on the floor.

This morning Hannah was teary, and didn’t want me to go to drop her off, so Bob took her, and brought Ros and Tony back with him, so that was lovely 🙂 And apparently Hannah had been fine. Two weeks feels like a long time though, especially coming straight after guide camp.

After Ros and Tony left, took ourselves off to Waitrose, (such a novelty, no such refinements in Scotland), and stocked up on food and wine. Had an early dinner as we’d had no lunch, and just about to walk it off now the rain seems finally to have stopped.



  1. Elaine said

    Oh we do so hope Hannah has a great time , and i am quite sure yourself and Bob will manage to amuse yourselves. Martha has settled well and Jenny has a wonderful selection of fresh food for her and ty2 that she shopped for independently whilst I did our shop.
    mmm I cannot make this whisper so please make sure nobody is listening …she bought organic cos she didnt want them eating chemicals!!

  2. Alison said

    We had Dylan in the tent bedroom with us this weekend, but still in his crate, and I bundled him up in a big fleece blanket.

    Hope the weather improves this week – see you Sunday?

  3. Roslyn said

    It was so lovely to see you! I’m tempted to come camp- if only Hannah was doing one week as I;m sure you don’t want me, 3 kids and 2 dogs ruining your peace LOL!

    Did I mention that I love Maisie? BTW I forgot to say that we have friends who take their GP’s camping with them. I could see them beside your van 🙂

  4. Sarah said

    hmph, our trailer had been attacked by rodents too – assumed it was mice, hadn’t considered the squirrel that definitely lives somewhere near the garage. Hasn’t got any worse since we mended it in May though, thankfully.

    Have a good couple of weeks!

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