She’s back :-)

And had a wonderful time by all accounts, and already has her eye on Canada 2010. I have probably never seen quite so much dirt in one place (ie, on her), and when I opened her rucksack, was rather bowled over by the stink of mildewing clothes.  They had had some horrendeous weather (along with some really hot days), and had been soaked several times. Chemical portaloos blocked, no running water, 5 people to a fairly small tent, but none of it seemed to matter. There had also been some sort of glitch with uploading her paperwork, and they didn’t have a record of any of the money we’d paid for some of the paid-for activities or her sweat shirt. So she managed her budget to cover a lot of stuff, though she couldn’t run to sailing or horse riding, which was a pity, as she had been looking forward to these and had had them booked for ages. And had she had her phone, it is something we could have sorted out for her, but she didn’t seem that bothered and I was proud of her for just getting on with it. I just have to work out now how to get our money back, as of course we didn’t keep a note of who all the people were who various things had to be sent to-  and they have cashed the cheques. I guess volunteers managing 600+ people are bound to have some challenges.She was also more pleased to see the puppy than us – changed days, indeed.  My baby is growing up, and rather lovely she is with it. (most of the time!). Although she had asked me to say goodbye to her at the caravan when she goes to MOTB, and just let her dad take her. I think she’s a bit worried she’ll be emotional at the thought of two weeks away, and won’t hold it together if I’m there.

So we’ve had a mad rush to get everything clean again for MOTB, plus I’m running around trying to ensure I’m ready to go straight off to the Healthy Living Exhibition the minute I fly home.

I’ve bought a mobile dongle for internet on the move while we are away. The Blackberry is great for alerting me to emails and orders etc, but not really adequate for detailed responses, sending prospectuses etc. Much easier than the kerfuffle I had a few years ago at Scarborough, cruising the streets with the laptop on looking for an unsecured wireless connection, lol.

Maisie has had a very severe haircut, and is looking rather small. I didn’t realise quite how skinny she still is. She was just miserable in the heat with her fluffy coat though, and kept taking dust baths to cool down, not a concept I was particularly keen on in the caravan.

So work for me tomorrow and Thursday, and I’m away from home tomorrow night. So I may not be back here before we leave on Friday, so for those of you I’m seeing, really looking forward to it, and to the rest, back in three weeks 🙂


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