Missing Hannah

She didn’t take her phone is her philosophy is that its easy to feel homesick if you know you can go home, so she didn’t take it so she couldn’t contact us. Eh? Anyway, I’ve been needing to let go today in my worries about whether she is keeping herself hydrated and using sun cream, as its been a scorching weekend.

Bob has tidied that garden, and I have half heartedly attempted to bring some order to the house, and especially to my office, which was a bit of a bomb site. Have also sorted out my ezine mailing lists. Its not a big enough list to need a newsletter programme, but had got far too big to send to all, as 90% of them bounced back the last time because of too many recipients. So I have bundled them all up into little packets of 6, in a sort of tupperware version of cyberspace. Also finally got round to buying web storage backup, as it was ridiculously scary the amount of business stuff  -entire training manuals representing weeks of work, that were only on my hard disk and occasionally some random memory stick. So all organised at last. I just need to back my favourites up somewhere, and my passwords, and I’ve got that sorted as well.

Tomorrow I need to get some last minute bits organised for the Trade Shows, as I really need to leave everything ready just to lift into the car when I come home from Bouremouth, and then I’m taking advantage of Hannah being away to work the rest of the week.



  1. Alison said

    I’m missing Poppy hugely. She didn’t take her phone because she thought she’d probably lose it. (Very sensible.)

  2. Chris said

    I’m missing her too. The hole is very noticeable.

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