Proud woman moment :-)

Spent the early part of the week doing my assessment for my thing (licence?) to do psychometric assessments. Got the results emailed to me tonight, and got 99%. Very pleased (and relieved), and it means that I am now officially on holiday, with nothing but a few days of work to content with before heading south, two weeks holiday with Bob while H at MoTB, and then home to do the Healthy Living exhibitions before the next set of courses start. The last few weeks have been such hard work, between my paid job, freelance coaching and writing, training for the business, and studying. Can’t quite believe I can sit and veg now. Although at some point, I am going to have to clean the house. Bob has done a sterling job of educating Hannah, feeding us all reasonably healthy food, and holding a job down, but anything else apart from flinging disinfectant down the toilet has been too much to contemplate.

Hannah and I spent this morning getting last minute things for camp, and sorting the caravan out a bit. Maisie has an appointment to get her hair seriously shaved. She is rather gorgeous with all the soft curly fluff, but she is so hot she keeps having dust baths, so it has to go. I can’t cope with her so messy in the caravan.

Went to the printer today and paid a rather frightening amount for leaflets and posters, and have spent this evening setting up a Google Adwords campaign. Have also finally dumped my old email address, as it was just ridiculous the amount of apam it was getting. Today it topped 1000, and it had to go. So if you haven’t yet received an email with my new address, please leave a comment, and I will send it to you, as the other one has been put out of its misery.



  1. Sarah said

    99%?! woo hoo, well done!

  2. Joanna said

    Enjoy the rest! and Well done!

  3. Nic said

    Fantastic! Well done 🙂

    Hoping to see you in the flesh at some point while you’re down here.

  4. tbird said

    well done on teh exam!!!!

  5. Alison said

    99%? So what did you get wrong then?

    No, seriously, that’s brilliant – highly impressed 🙂 Looking forward to seeing you soon.

  6. Stella H said

    Hi Joyce,
    Well done on it all 🙂
    Send me your new email addy please.

  7. Allie said


  8. Roslyn said

    pmsl Alison, that would be bugging me also!

    Well done honey! Looking forward to seeing you soon!

  9. Joyce said

    Well, this is a bit embarrasing. I missed a sub question out, by accident, worth one point. And I have the nerve to tell Hannah always to check her work 😳

  10. Alison said

    Oh, how annoying! Still, if you were perfect it would be far too depressing for the rest of us 🙂

    Violet nearly had me tearing my hair out last year when she was doing one of her secondary school entrance tests – 45 minute maths test, that she finished in about 20 minutes. “So you had plenty of time to check it then?” “Oh no, I didn’t bother, I was thinking about something else.”

  11. Layla said

    That’s excellent! 🙂

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