Leaving dad in charge – again

Only a few more days, and I can stop. Off to Leeds tomorrow for my assessment for my licence to administer pyschometric tests, unreasonably nervous- those bloody stats. Hope I have crammed enough into my brain, but if I don’t pass it, I get to do an open book essay instead. which although it will not be nice to have it hanging over me STILL, it will be much easier, so guess its hardly a matter of life and death.

Crazily excited as Meg has designed me some great posters to make up exhibition boards. With advice from Nic, I’ve purchased metres of bronze coloured organza voile from ebay, some gold and blue helium balloons, and masses of fairy lights to dress the stall at the Healthy Living exhibition at the end of August. I need to be all organised soon for that, as its actually the last weekend of our holidays, and I’m going to fly back from Bouremouth two days early, leaving Bob to pick Hannah up from MOTB and drive the caravan home.  I hate taking flights for short haul journeys, but I looked at train fares from Bristol – £154, and flights from Bournemouth – £1.22, agonised for days about the cost not just being about money, and in the end, booked the flight. Still need to think of a prize – giving away a course is a huge one, which I haven’t quite come to terms with, though I suppose in real terms, it wouldn’t actually cost me anything to do it, and I could hopefully milk the PR.  Anyway, will think about that some more. Any bright ideas, in the usual place 🙂

Hannah has been doing lots of Dr Who stuff, not really sure what, and making masses of bead things for swaps at guide camp the week after next.
She seems to be coping well with distinct under-mothering, but I’m missing HER, so will be good to have a few days to ourselves next week, before she goes off on a month of adventures.



  1. Elaine said

    Good Luck Joyce

  2. Roslyn said

    All very exciting!

    Will I get to see you at drop off?

  3. ian said

    Its hard to ignore cheap flights from bournemouth and Southampton when compared with the equivelant cost of rail travel.

  4. jax said

    argh, you were in Leeds and we didn’t see you?! Having said that, I was in Kelmarsh and Huntingdon this weekend…

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