I think it’s been a nice day

Hannah was out in the pool before I even went to work this morning. She did look a bit blue though. By the time I got home at lunchtime, she and Bob had gone to Glasgow, so I had soup, and then studied all afternoon. I’ve got my assessment for my MBTI licence in 10 days, and I’m ridiculously worried about it. I did the mock practice exam this evening, and I got 95% (the pass mark being 90% – so not a lot of room for error), but it all comes down to whether I can replicate it on the day. Especially given that statistics is hardly my strong point. Work has laid on two days of giving MBTI feedback coaching this week, so I’ll get some practice in for the practical part as well. The problem with doing it unsupervised of course is you don’t know if you are just ingraining bad habits.

Anyway, in the middle of the afternoon, heard a tremendous yowling from outside, and rushed out, thinking Maisie had found a dog to have sex with, to discover she had jumped in the pool and then because of the curve on the sides, couldn’t get back out. Its 3 feet deep, so she was out of her depth, and doggy paddling like mad. I was furious, and read the riot act about leaving it without the lid on when the others got home.

Spent the rest of the evening slogging away as well, would do just about anything to get a few days away in the caravan, but if I can only keep going till the 23rd, then I get a month off. (Well, only two weeks off work, but with nothing except my two days a week in the office, it will seem like a holiday after the last two months). And yes Elaine, if Jen would take Martha, that would be great. We’d booked her into pet boarding, but Hannah would much rather Jen had her.

Right, I think I have earned a small glass of wine, and an early night, before repeating it all tomorrow. Hopefully without the dog nearly drowning.


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  1. Elaine said

    Yes Jen is looking forward to Martha coming to visit πŸ™‚
    When we were on the canals we had a wee yorkie who thought he could take shortcuts by jumping from our narrowboat to the towpath , fishing him out was part of daily life πŸ™‚

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