Spam n chips

Just liberated masses of comments from my spam folder – so sorry, especially to Alison, who had three in there. The odd thing is that the moderation notifications are also going into MY spam filter, so must remember to check more often.

Hannah continues to throw steel balls fearsome distances, and her coach thinks she may have been talent spotted last week, as apparently there was a scout at the meet. Just need to wait and see. He is really excited that he may be coaching a champion, but what he doesn’t realise though is that Hannah probably has reached her tallest now, so she may not live up to early promise. On the other hand, she has a clear image in her head of being 6 foot, so who am I to say she won’t make it – that child has confounded medical science so often, that no one is making any predictions any more. 🙂

She has been continuing to educate herself, without too much interference from me. She’s been making lots of swaps for International Guide Camp in three weeks, and I am trying to work out what some of the more bizarre items on her camp list actually ARE. Welly sticks??? Woggle?? Bob is planning to take her to the Guide shop in Glasgow tomorrow while I’m training, in the hope there will be a wise old guider there who can sort us out!

I got a Blackberry today, rather lovely, and just fits my image of myself atm 😉 I have even managed to get it working, which is a rather major triumph for me.

Maisie is in heat. I’m cursing the vet who wouldn’t spay her before her first season, as she’s been baying at the moon for sex every night till about 3am, when she falls asleep exhausted and frustrated. Very glad it’s happened now though- was in a slight panic about how to manage if she came on heat while we were away in the caravan next month. Just need to organise pet boarding for the remaining cavy, and that is all the human and non-human members of the family sorted.



  1. Elaine said

    You have a volunteer for the pet boarding role sat beside me ,we are doing overnight camping trips but have no plans to spend more than 24hrs at a stretch away from the homestead.

  2. tbird said

    erm Joyce, she’s not going to Bounce camp is she? Cos if she is, tell her to look out for me in the International tent!

    Welly sticks – sticks with fancy toppers you put your wellies on to drain the water out of them after you’ve paddled out too deep…
    Woggles _ waht you put on neckers to keep them round your neck if you are too rubbish at knots to use a friendship knot. They are dead wasy to make out of craft foam, esp if you trust her with some hammer on popper studs to fasten them – some of mine and Aprilia’s are here
    craft foam woggles

  3. Joyce said

    Aha!! Thank you – I should have though of you! No, this one is being held in Scotland – ironically only about 15 miles away, so not very international for her, LOL. Although she is the only local guide going apparently. She is hanging out for next year in Toronto, though.

  4. tbird said

    toronto sounds fun! How scary though, sending your girlie off such a long way, I’m not looking forward to that bit of mine growing up!

  5. Alison said

    lol, I hadn’t even noticed I was being moderated, because mine show up to me here anyway!

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