Have taken two weeks AL from work, so I can work full time in the business, as I was getting somewhat swamped, and Hannah had lots on. And the PMM is – she won a gold medal for the shot putt in one of the Scottish Athletics meets. Will now crawl back into hole.



  1. Elaine said

    Wow Hannah that is fantastical !!! well done. How did the walk go Joyce ?

  2. Sarah said

    Well done Hannah!

  3. Alison said

    Hey congratulations Hannah! Very impressive.

    How long before you can pack in the day job altogether Joyce?

  4. Kirsty said

    Well done Hannah!

  5. Joyce said

    I survived. It was very crowded, and I stepped off a kerb badly at about mile 11 and somehow twisted my knee – so the last two miles took 90 mins. So no personal bests! My knee is still all swollen. Glad I wasn’t doing a marathon, though up until that point I was wishing that I was, as it was so exciting.

  6. Elaine said

    I am not gonna say owt! no, honestly I will keep quiet , still as someone who stopped short (just) of breaking her neck on the ferry boarding ramp I think I should keep quiet 🙂

  7. Layla said

    Yay congratulations Hannah! That’s fabulous 🙂

    Swamped is good – yes?

  8. jax said

    well done hannah. Please to hear you’re nice and busy Joyce 🙂

  9. Roslyn said

    Well done to both of you!

    Hope the knee is better xxx

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