Reassured myself I’m not actually a “dog person”

After a fairly challenging couple of weeks with Maisie, when she has been a bit (very) unwell, coupled with some unseemly wrangling with the breeder, I was worried I was becoming a tad dog obsessed. However, today I took her to the canine equivalent of a new baby group, and I have to say I suddenly realised that while I liked *my* dog, I did find most of the others rather unappealing. Rather like babies, actually. I kept being licked by an German Shepherd, who would first of all give his willy a good seeing too, and THEN lick my hand. And I smiled grimly throughout 😉 Hannah went as far as to say that she wondered if the other owners were embarrassed by their dogs lol, when Maisie was clearly the nicest. Today we’ve had tail wagging, the first since we got her, so much jubilation. She also swam in the sea with Hannah and Jenny, and while her hearing is possibly damaged, she is certainly hearing a dog whistle, and oddly enough, a baby crying. Which proves my theory that a crying baby pierces one’s psyche in the same way a whistle does.

Weather has been great, and yesterday we again enjoyed the novelty of Bob having a public holiday off – though we did do a very suburban thing, in that we pressure washed the patio.

Hannah has been working away with maths and science mainly, and is reading Little Women. Her keyboard is also coming along well, and she is asking about doing her grade 1 exam. Which is probably nothing to anyone who can *do* music, but certainly impressed tone deaf me. Especially as the motivation for it is all hers.

She has saved all her MOTB money (granny came up with the last £10 on Saturday), so she is now gettingpound signs in her eyes at the thought of being able to spend money again. I’m really proud of her – she has saved well over £300 by saving her pocket money, and doing the ironing every week for months. I rather hope she decides it would be good to keep on earning 🙂

All going well, I will sign my lease on Friday. Gulp. With the first course running the following weekend. Very scary. Very exciting.

The only thing that gets in the way of life really is my insomnia, back with a vengeance, and I’m knackered.



  1. Anni said

    arg to the return of the insomnia! Hope it’s a fleeting return and you get back to sleeping soon!

  2. Sarah said

    I’m impressed about the grade 1 🙂

  3. Elaine said

    Maisie is a delight :0 we must never let her become a cannine deliquent like what ours are 🙂

  4. Roslyn said

    I spent the day at Richmond Park and realised I really am a dog person LOL!

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