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I want to make cds of seminars etc I run, not necessarily to sell, but as a marketing tool.  Of course getting this done professionally is WAY out of budget. So they I thought about a digital dictation machine. Would it be capable of recording at a reasonable quality? And then is it possible to get it on a CDRW? And THEN are these cds repalyable by people who may only have a bog standard cd player, or would it be in a file format that wouldn’t be accessible?  Any advice re processes or products?


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  1. tbird said

    I have an Olympus DS-30 which is nice and compact, has great sound quality, long battery life and you can download it to the PC really easily then write to CD as whatever file format your CD burning software will do (most will do MP3 and audio CD formats). You can set it to different mic sensitivites to either pick up just you and nothing else (dictation),to pick up everything in a big room (conference, I think) or a sort of middle ground which is great for meetings and tutorials. The more expensive one (not sure if it’s the 40 or 50 ) comes with a remote mike on a wire arrangement so you could clip it to you and get an even clearer pick up of your voice and less background. Not cheap (got mine through a DSA grant) but would definitely do the job.

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