Running total….

…….of vet expenditure over the last 7 days = £120. FFS. I thought yesterday that Maisie was a bit smelly, but couldn’t locate where from, till today I was fitting her head collar, and realised that her ear was FOUL!! She had a horrible blood stained discharge from it. She was also falling over. Vet didn’t have an appointment, but they said if we didn’t mind waiting, just to bring her down. 2 hours later and 40 quid lighter, we were clutching ear drops, rehydration fluid and oral antibiotics. Hannah is distraught as she is convinced that she is also on her way out (she’s not, she’s just miserable), and won’t leave her for a minute.  Sigh. A break would be nice here!



  1. asilon said

    Yuck 😦 Poor Maisie, and poor Hannah! Hope she gets back to normal asap. Has the sleeping improved at all?

  2. Roslyn said


  3. Nic said

    Sounds grim 😦 Hope she picks up soon.

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