All this before breakfast

Sad day today, as Sooty was dead in her hutch this morning. Hannah found her about 7.30, when she went to let them out while Maisie was having a wee.  It was all a bit awful, as Hannah’s crying brought me running into the garden wearing only a towel, the dog sensed something was up and was running wild barking, Hannah was distraught and Martha was standing guard over Sooty, and wouldn’t let either of us near her. She isn’t a biter, but I guess she realised at some level what had happened, and was protecting Sooty.

In the end I phoned Bob, and he came home with industrial padded gloves, and managed to separate Martha and Sooty. There isn’t any sign of her being hurt, so I guess she just went and died 😦 She was stiff as a board, so obviously happened a few hours ago. Martha is now wailing and shouting from the run, I’ve just disinfected the hutch, Sooty has gone with Bob to be disposed of, and Hannah is howling into Maisie’s coat. Taking Martha to the vet in a bit, as apparently when one dies suddenly is often an overwhelming infection, and the hutch mates should have prophalactic  (no idea how to spell that!) antibiotics.

Not quite sure what to do about Martha – she is very much a pig that needs company, but that’s two hutch mates shes lost in the last 8 months, and I’m not sure she isn’t too old now to accept a new one.

Anyway, must finally have a cup of tea!



  1. Nic said

    Blimey, the dramas of pet ownership! Poor Hannah, give her a hug from me and hope you work out what to do about a hutch mate for Martha.

  2. Tech said

    Aw that’s awful. C found hers dead in the cage and it was heart wrenching, worse somehow than when D’s went. Hope H finds comfort in Maisie and that you can sort something out for Martha. xx

  3. Ali said

    Poor Hannah and poor Martha, and poor you having to rush about before you were really up

  4. leandra said

    Oh Joyce…I am so so sorry for you all. Poor Hannah 😦

    It is so sad 😦 x

  5. Roslyn said

    Oh how awful. We’ve been there lots. I have managed to put another one in after a long period of time- slowly!

    We came home with three more yesterday.

  6. tbird said

    oh no! Hope Hannah is feeling better now.

  7. Sarah said

    oh no, that is sad. I think even I would cry if either of ours died now. Well, maybe.
    Hope Hannah is feeling much better by now xxx.

  8. asilon said

    Oh, that’s very sad 😦 Poor Hannah to have found her 😦 Hope you can come up with a good plan to keep Martha happy.

    (And Ros – THREE more?!?!?!? LOL!)

    How did Maisie sleep last night?

  9. Joyce said

    Sleeping – still a ruddy nightmare!! We are holding out with the crate, but she cries like she’s being murdered all night. Good thing our house is detached, at least don’t have to worry about pissing the neighbours off. What she (and Hannah) are angling for is Hannah’s room, but I’m staying strong 😉 Vet says it sounds as if Sooty had an overwhelming respiratory infection – she told Hannah they can kill in hours, with no signs beforehand, so that helped, a bit. Hannah had been upset as she’d put them to bed last night, and she was worrying that she’d missed something. NOT that I would have been calling the vet out on a house call for a GP at 8pm anyway, so good job she hadn’t thought she was sick then. Martha on ABs Expenditure at vets in last 5 days = £80.

  10. Roslyn said

    Only one for us but Pea’s friend fell in love with two so we’ve got them until they have money for their own hutch and run LOL! I plan more of our own when we move 🙂 A few more bunnies also…chickens…pigs 🙂

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