The honeymoon is over

Maisie cried ALL night last night. She basically didn’t want to be in her crate, and in particular, wanted to be with Hannah. Doing anything with her if she suspects Hannah is anywhere in the house is a palavar. Yesterday evening I brought her into the office when I was working, and she just wailed at the door. I thought she was wanting a pee, but basically she just wanted out to wail at Hannah’s door till she let her in. H wanted to let her sleep in her room, but I am still maintaining my standards on that one πŸ˜‰ This morning I was trying to do her clicker training with her, and all wouldn’t settle till H appeared.

Busy week this week for me – have an appointment with the lawyer to discuss pros and cons of VAT registration. I don’t need to do it yet, and I don’t pay enough VAT on things myself to justify it on that basis. I’m reluctant to put me fees up for the 70% of my business that is from the public, but the (more lucrative 30%) that is the corporate market think you lack legitimacy if you aren’t registered. I think the issue is for me that I resent being an unpaid govt. tax collecter. For similar reasons of credibility, going to discuss whether I should become a company, rather than a sole trader. Bizarre that people should think that makes you more credible, when it will still just be me. I’m also running a Covey 7 Habits of Effective People course within the NHS, and the issue of the venue is grumbling on – I’m slowly moving it forward, stalling for as much time as I can, and today I’m going to look at this alternative space, with a view to a joint venture.

Back later – must go and scrub up.



  1. Roslyn said

    Stick to your guns! We have Kessie in our room in this house and it’s a nightmare to sleep. As soon as we move she’s back in the kitchen and she can cry!

  2. chopstickchanging said

    I eventually came to a compromise with our hounds and Jenny ,and Teddy is allowed to sleep in his basket on the landing and coco has her basket at the top of the stairs , they were allowed baskets in the bedroom till when the weather got cold and windows were closed. Teddy always slept on the landing at the previous house so I reverted.
    I keep the landing window open for the wonderful germ killing oxygen and the bedroom door is ajar but they know that to venture across the line results in trouble and don’t even try.
    Please Maisie be a good girl πŸ™‚

  3. Chris said

    Ros!!! – and we thought you were the Dog Whisperer!!!! Dylan sleeps in his crate under the stairs from around 10pm to whenever first person gets up. He’s such a good sleeper and apart from that one day – does perfectly acceptable farts.

  4. Tech said

    *they know that to venture across the line results in trouble and don’t even try.*

    Except when you have visitors Elaine πŸ˜‰

  5. Elaine said

    Oh iye visitors are like putty in their paws πŸ™‚

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