I am happy to report

We have pees. We have poo. We have them in the garden.

Though Maisie can’t really get out yet, we’ve been keen to get her used to the car, so we’ve been having little jaunts. Which we will probably have to stop, as apparently Scotland will have no diesel by Friday! Certainly when I went to Tesco today with my red light flashing, I had to queue for nearly two hours. I suspect there has been a lot of panic buying, and topping up of tanks, as people didn’t seem to be taking that long to refuel once they got to the pump. I, on the other hand, took 10 mins and 90 QUID!!

Anyway, I digress ๐Ÿ™‚ Maisie has been sick twice in her crate in the back on the car – once coming home from the breeder, and then again yesterday morning. So today we decided to try her with a harness on the back seat, and she loved it. So much so that after only two short trips in it, I found her standing at the back door of the car, with her harness in her mouth. Not sure I entirely approve of her travelling IN the car, as one of the pack, so may try the crate again tomorrow to see if she’s got over her fear. Meanwhile, I think perhaps I should get a shopping trolley, in case the car has to go off the road. It will certainly make it hard to get to work, as public transport isn’t a viable option, and if fuel IS hard to come by, I don’t want to waste it on travelling into the office in the interests of presentee-ism.

And apart from dog-worship (how did we manage so long without one), nothing much seems to have happened at all. The cavies and Maisie have obviously decided to tolerate each other, and neither is that interested in the other. Hannah has been grooming the dog every day so far, which she (the dog!) seems to like, and I’ve started clicker training. Must do some work now.



  1. Sarah said

    still no photos! groan and moan!!

  2. chopstickchanging said

    I must say Maisie seems to be settling herself in very quickly:)

  3. asilon said

    My trolley’s a Rolser – a purple Mountain original. I really like the black and white floral one though, they didn’t have that when I bought mine!

  4. layla said

    Lidl are selling trolleys again atm – I couldn’t figure out how I could manage one with the pushchair though.

  5. Roslyn said

    I have a bright orange IKEA one ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. SallyM said

    All our dogs get car sick in their crates in the car. Especially the jack russell. However just like a child he does much better if he can see out the window. It might all be solved by now (I’ve been offline for over a week *sob* !) but putting the crate on something so she can see out might help.

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