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Pcitures are coming. Sometime. Maisie did a wee at 4pm yesterday, and by 8am this morning, still hadn’t done another one, despite numerous trips outside (including me at midnight, Bob at 2am, and Hannah at 6.00am).  She finally produced one at 8, amid loud applause. Which waned slightly, when she then crapped in her crate 😦 I’ve never had a dog that did that before, so I was a bit upset, especially as she didn’t avoid it, but trampled it everywhere, and kicked some through the bars. I had to scrub everything, including her. We’ve continued to toilet enthusiastically all day, and are still waiting for the second wee of the day.

By late afternoon I was also getting worried as she hadn’t eaten anything at all since she arrived. The breeder had insisted she was only to get dry puppy food, and had given us a sack of food which she insisted she was eating well.  by 4pm I decided to ignore that, and gave her some steamed chicked and rice, mixed with a handful of dried food. She scoffed the lot within 2 mins, and certainly seems happier, though still no weeing. The fact that she is hardly going is also making it hard to catch her doing it right. We always had a young puppy when I was a kid, as we puppy-walked them for guide dogs, and as far as I remember, they piddled so often, you could easily get them to do it outside, make a fuss, and then they performed next time as well.

Nevertheless, she is gorgeous, really bright and playful, and also surprisingly very quiet, which is rather nice, actually, given I had been worried she would be a yapper.

But the responsibility – its almost as worriesome as a human baby 🙂


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