Maisie has landed.

And she is absolutely adorable, Even Bob is smitten, and I was worried about that, especially as he hadn’t seen her before he came home tonight. She is already coming when we call her, and she is walking to heel on her lead (just round the garden), and she is starting to sit when told. The downside is she pee-ed in the crate 10 mins after we picked her up, contrary to what everyone says about them not pee-ing in their bed. I’m hoping she was just scared as it was a long drive home with her – 3 hours for a first ever car joureny. She cried piteously as we left (so did the breeder!), so it was all a little traumatic, but already she seems part of the family. Am rather flattered that I seem to be her favourite person :-). She was at the vet this afternoon, and got a clean bill of health, so just a couple of weeks till we can take her places. She aslo hasn’t eaten anything since we got her, but she has had some doggie treats by hand, and I’m sure she won’t strave herself.

Hannah didn’t want to go out and leave her, so we’ve had carry out pizza and Ben and Jerry’s for birthday dinner. Hannah;’s birthday sort of disappeared in puppy excitement, but I think that may have been for the best, given how upset she was feeling about it. So a low key birthday, with a new addition to the family 🙂

Oh – and THREE people booked and paid for courses online tonight. 🙂



  1. Chris said

    Down here, in the south, we’re really lucky. There’s this technology that’s been developed. It sounds weird but basically it’s a little box with a hole in it. You open the hole to light and the little box ‘records’ the light that passes through the hole creating a frozen snapshot that can be looked at over and over again. The results are called ‘photographs’. They’re really useful. They can be used to show friends things that you can see that they can’t. Like a holiday, a wedding, a poodle called Maisie. Hopefully the technology will one day reach scotland. Until then, perhaps you could do a charcoal sketch of the beast?

  2. Joyce said

    very funny 🙂 Especially as I reached the fourth line before I worked out what you were talking about. They are coming. Soon. I take the pictures, then can’t be arsed with the job of putting them on line. She is SO sweet though. I’m going ga ga.

  3. chopstickchanging said

    WOW at the bookings ans so glad Hannah is happy with Maisie 🙂

  4. Chris said

    So, is she insured?

  5. Sarah said

    Glad you’re all so pleased with her! and Happy Birthday to Hannah too 🙂

  6. layla said

    Happy birthday Hannah!

    Maisie sounds lovely (I’m extremely dog-broody but I think even suggesting it would lead Si to a nervous breakdown) – can’t wait to see pictures 🙂

    Sounds like everything is going swimmingly 🙂

  7. Roslyn said

    Oh Layla, just buy one like I did, only took Tony a year to fall in love LOL!

    Welcome Maisie and here’s to many wonderful years of fun!

    Yay to bookings! How’s September looking? Think we might be moving in June!

  8. Ali said

    Welcome Maisie, lovely to hear about her.
    Nice one for the bookings

  9. Allie said

    Yes, I’d been hoping for photos too. And I don’t even like dogs…
    Happy birthday to Hannah.

  10. Joyce said

    Chris, what a ridiculous question to ask me 😉 Remember, I’m the woman who identifies the quickest route to the nearest A+E within an hour of arriving at a holiday destination.

  11. Nic said


    Belated Happy Birthday to Hannah. And cautious safe distance welcome to Maisie 🙂

  12. Chris said

    Who did you insure with?

  13. Joyce said

    Sainsbury’s eventually. I looked at masses, and it was really difficult to differentiate. Petplan was cheapest (about 10.20), but had lowest cover. Sainsbury’s is £12.50 per month, which made it lower than a lot of the others, which were around £15-£20. It will go down a bit once we get her chipped and neutered. I think dogs must be a little cheaper than girls, as I had a lower quote when I accidently put her gender in wrong.

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