Before I had Hannah I all these plans for things that “must be done before the baby comes”. In the event, she was born so early that none of them happened, and you know what – we survived LOL. So the plan this weekend was to do all the things we need to do “before the puppy comes”, and we had similar levels of success. So I just hope the principle of the new life fitting in with your life somehow works with canine babies as well as human ones (draws hurried veil over the horrors of early life with H, :-))

In the event, the weekend just slide by. I did lots of tinkering while Rome burns by choosing curtain material and poster-art for the training room, without actually making a final decision about having the room. I’m kidding myself I can’t make that decision till the lawyer gets back to us about the lease, but I know I’m procrastinating really. I suspect I’m trying to decide to do it, without letting me know.

Looked at the list of things the breeder said we needed to have/do before the puppy arrived. It was almost as much as the bloody list the midwife gave me, so using the principle that half the stuff we bought for Hannah was worse than useless, I decided to apply the same processes, and delay making any purchases other than a crate and a collar and lead. I’m sure we can cobble together all other requirements. I mean, how responsible do I need to be about this?

We had a couple of long walks en famille, played with the GP (must watch the cross-species rivalry 😉 and singularly failed to clean the house, which has been on my “must do before environmental health arrives” for at least a month.

Today Hannah says she is going to work all day so she can have the rest of the week for puppy stuff, and I must make an effort to get on top of my mental processes, before I drive myself bonkers.



  1. Roslyn said

    I bought a travel box/ cage thing, two bowls and a cuddly dog. She hated the box and never slept in it, she dragged a cushion from the lounge into the kitchen in front of the age and slept on that. She still sleeps on it and whilst she does have some more toys the dog is still her favourite. So yes I’d go with your instincts that you just don’t need it all.

  2. asilon said

    We were going to have a week to sort everything out, and then got him a week early, so we weren’t organised. We managed the crate, and C bought a couple of bowls. Not that he’d eat out of a bowl, only a plate, lol! And toys – you need toys! And something to sleep on in the crate. Will the breeder give you some food? Don’t even really need a collar and lead yet.

  3. Joyce said

    Yeah, the breeder said she’d give us a week of food. She also said she wouldn’e let us take her away unless she was fitted with an ID collar before we left, and we had some means of restraining her in the car. Hence the crate and collar. Do you need special dogs toys – I have a vast box of baby squeaky and cuddly things H had, and I thought maybe some of them could be pressed into service.

  4. chopstickchanging said

    Saltcoats market do dog pillows for a fiver of the same type you buy for x in the shops it may be worth considering as you are likely to have many ‘spoilt’ in the first months.
    And yes babt sqeakies are the same as doggy squeakies i.s. they shred into little pieces which find their way around floors into corners and into shoes.
    I am such a cheerful soul 🙂

  5. asilon said

    Well, you are supposed to have then with a tag if they’re out in public, and I suppose that going home from the breeder’s counts as public, but that seems a little OTT. Not worth getting into a n argument about though.

    Is she in a crate at the breeder’s? Dylan was in a big one with his mum and siblings from birth, and has always been perfectly happy to be in his. I nearly burst with pride the first night we had him when he woke us up at 4am for a wee, then got back into his crate, curled up and went back to sleep 🙂

    Baby toys will be fine 🙂 One of the dog toys C bought looks JUST like a baby toy, lol.

  6. Joyce said

    Oh Alison, that is just SO sweet. What a clever boy. I’m hoping Maisie will be easy to house train, as too much shit will push Bob over the verge of dog tolerance. Though I bet he’ll be ga ga within days, actually. Yeah, she’s in a crate atm, and the breeder is going to give us her blanket home as well, so I’m hoping she’ll slip seamlessly into going into her crate here. I’d really rather she was in one at night, rather than chewing flexes in the kitchen.

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