Market research

Have just been browsing the internet for posters – need a relatively cheap way of softening off the edges of very high ceiling, suspended flourescent lights (which I plan on not using at all) white walls and navy blue carpet tiles. I really don’t want to do the traditional “inspirational” poster that people like me ( ;-)) tend to bung up. I’m also think the usual sunflowers and sea scapes are a bit predictable. Any ideas? I’ve been thinking of Kandinsky (though that may be a bit manic), or Klimt. But feeling pretty uninspired really.



  1. chopstickchanging said

    At what height are you planning to hang the posters?

  2. asilon said

    Would black and white photography be too harsh?
    I’d prefer something abstract, I think.
    And I do like Klimt 🙂

  3. chopstickchanging said

    If I were in the room I think your suggestions would occupy my attention rather more than you would wish 🙂 . I think I would keep posters to appealing, complementary, fresh, humorous but not thought provoking . Lets keep the occupants focussed on you.

  4. Joyce said

    Well, apart from absorbing some of the echo, Elaine, I want to use them to visually bring the ceiling down a bit. High ceilings are lovely, but not when it’s industrial type, with these lights. So probably at about the level you would hang them on a normal wall – so probably with the top at about 6 feet? I was wondering about black and white Alison, then worried that it was a bit “cool coffee shop”. But I do like them, especially random people ones.

  5. HelenHaricot said

    i like klimt, but completely abstract might be good. mondrian, rothko? [softer] or what about some pre-raphelite fantasy stuff??

  6. Joyce said

    Oh, I hadn’t thought of Rothko, Helen. That might work. Though my esteemed mother will say, “were they drawn by a two year old?”, LOL

  7. HelenHaricot said

    at which point you say that h did them!! i like rothko, because the colours draw you in, and can be used as gateway to focus, and it crossed my mind that that might work with what you do. obviously i love the preraphelites, so overblown in there imaginations! lots of lost souls either facing redemption or eternal torment = rofl!

  8. chopstickchanging said

    Ikea do a fabric that is very Mondrain totally useless piece of info I am thinking out loud again, must stop it.

  9. Roslyn said

    Kandinsky is my favourite artist 🙂

    NOT Mondrian please!!!! It’s so what everyone does and shite.

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