So, Hannah up bright and early, and had done some geometry (areas of triangles, I think) in bed, and was reading her puppy training book in the bath when I got up. (It WAS actually still early)

Bob had taken a few hours off in the middle of the day to support me when I was meeting the management committee, so we rushed off about 10am to pick him up. And I got lost of the way there, and ended up half way to Elaine’s. He HAS only been there 9 years, after all. Finally found him by the side of the road, cooling his heels in a hail shower, and we shot up to Glasgow. Hannah came with us and waited in the foyer with her DS.

The meeting went fine – they agreed to a rolling three month lease. Wasn’t quite as good as I hoped, as it means three months notice to leave, and I’d sort of been hoping for a maximum of two months notice, but its not unmanagable, and much better than was originally offered. The room had been cleaned and repainted since we were there last week, so looked a lot less skanky, LOL. We walked around putting down bits of flip chart paper that we had previously cut to size to represent chairs, tables etc, and I think it’s workable.

The down side is the kitchen facilities – basically none. There is a sink for washing cups in the common area, but no fridge or anything, making catered lunches a bit of a challenge. If I put a fridge actually in the training room, then it’s taking up valuable space, and there is nowhere really to put dirty dishes while I’m waiting to wash them. The other downside is the amount of references they want: bank, accountant and two trade references. The bank isn’t a problem, but Bob has been doing the books, and they are fairly simple as yet, so we’ve not felt the need for an accountant. Plus we don’t actually buy stuff for the business, (or rather, we go to Makro, Staples or IKEA and pay cash), so we’ve no trade references. So not sure at all what to do about that part. Somehow I assumed bank references would be enough, especially as they are taking three months deposit.

We stopped at Tesco for a quick lunch before dropping Bob back at work, then Hannah and I went back and did a huge veg shop, as the veg box seemed to have hardly anything in it this week except turnips and carrots. Came home, Hannah did the ironing, I made three different kinds of soup for the freezer, and some home made museli. Talked a bit about food as medicine, as I always try to ensure Hannah eats at least 8 portions fruit and veg a day for its antioxidant qualities. I let the hospital do their bit, and we do the cranky new age thing at home as a belt and braces approach to her continuing good health 😉

Have a splitting headache, and going to go to bed, so I can fret all night about what to do, and where to get these references from – I guess my eBay feedback isn’t going to cut it, lol.



  1. Nic said

    Would references from your trainers suffice? I know it’s probably been a while but you are professionally accredited so perhaps the body that accredited you would be acceptable as a reference – you must have paid them?

  2. Elaine said

    It all sounds quite stressful ! methinks we will have to arrange a day out to relax you.

  3. Sarah said

    at the end of the day, if you haven’t got four different references they’ll have to live without them! I’m sure if you tell them the situation they’ll be flexible on that, after all, if you have to pretty much fabricate a reference then it’s as good as useless anyway!

  4. Tech said

    It’s not cranky and new age, it’s proactive and sensible ;-p~~ You should see what I’m making Dave consume every day to keep the c at bay if you think 8 portions is cranky lol. But then actually I suppose I am actually cranky and new age *grin*.

  5. Joyce said

    LOL. I’m a work in progress, Tech! 8 is probably pretty conservative for us as well, to be honest. But when I look at her friends faces when presented with dinner at our house sometimes, I feel VERY cranky 🙂

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