Quite pleasant on the floor

In a perverse sort of way, sleeping on the floor (albeit on a posh memory foam mattress), reminds me of my futon days, in what was laughingly called a bedsit. ie, it was one room with a baby belling cooker, a single (cold tap), and a shared toilet (no bath or shower) on the landing. So as I lie on it, listening to my (brown) bath empty, and hear the central heating in my (80s pine) kitchen, I can really appreciate how I’m moving up in the world :-). Which is just as well really, as it’s going to be forever to get a bedframe we like.

We woke up this morning, and there were snowflakes the size of cotton wool balls. At 9am it looked as if we’d end up snowed in if it continued much longer. By 11am the sun was out, the snow had disappeared and it was 11C.  Weird.

Bob and Hannah went to the Sailing Club to look into RYA lessons for her, and then they went to look at sea kyaks, so they can put their kyaking course last summer into practice . However, any decision on the purchase of one of these has been postponed till we decided about the lease on the training room.

While they were doing that, I had a long walk on the beach, and then Bob phoned and we met up in Beanscene for hot chocolate, while Hannah played in the beach park. Bob has fallen in love with a Poogle (beagle/poodle cross) that we saw, but although he was OK handling it, I’m worried that if we lived with it, it may bother him if its coat doesn’t out to be poodle-like.  She was lovely, though……



  1. HelenHaricot said

    these cross dogs have some weird names!

  2. Ali said

    LOL I was going to comment yesterday that sleeping on a mattress/futon on floor might bring back some fond memories – would for me! Good luck with deciding about the Poogle.

  3. Elaine said

    We are lucky that both Largs and Cumbrae do the lessons for youngsters apparently Largs do the learn at your own speed and Cumbrae do the ‘right today we will cover x and y ‘ variety.

  4. Roslyn said

    Your bath is NOT brown it’s kinda beige 🙂

  5. Joyce said

    Yeah, but the downstairs cloakroom is chocolate brown. I’m convinced if I wait long enough, it will be dead fashionable again.

  6. SallyM said

    Obviously everyone is individual but…! My friend has cats and a dog and is allergic to both. Although her allergies were bad at first she has barely any reaction now, has had the dog about 8 months. So even if Bob does have some reaction it might not last. FWIW we have Lhasas and they are supposed to be “un-allergic” as they don’t shed so they might be worth a look?

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