On the pink laptop

So, after hours and hours messing around with the Vista, I found a recovery disk, and reinstalled the lot. It seems to have worked, and Office is also operational. Very Pleased With Self. πŸ™‚

Worked two days in the office, had lots of coaching clients, and finally caught up on my paperwork (most importantly, my expenses!) I do love coaching – having spent years doing counselling, coaching is a much more positve, forward looking frame, and I nearly always feel engergised after a coaching session, whereas I used to feel depressed after a couple of days doing counselling.

Yesterday Hannah started her music lessons again after about a 6 week break, and she was really pleased as Jo said it was obvious she’d been practising a lot over the break. We still have a slight difference of opinion about what practising actually MEANS, but she does play probably about 4 times a week. I was astounded tonight when she presented me with, as she said “an entire jotter” full of Dr Who writing. I knew she aimed to summarise every episode to date, but I hadn’t actually expected her to follow through.

The new memory foam bed is rather excellent, though had I realised we were going to have to buy a new bed frame as well, I might have gone for something a little less up market. Clearly the old frame was only held together by the fact the old mattress had shaped itself into all the nooks and crannys. We took the mattress off, and the frame collapsed. So we are sleeping on the new mattress on the floor, and feeling very student-y.

It was freezing here today. I’d gone out for a walk just wearing a sweatshirt as it seemed so sunny, and within an hour it was hail stones. Bob came looking for me in the car though πŸ™‚

And I’m not even going to mention the office lease till Monday…..



  1. Elaine said

    Do you know I reached your milestone 16months ago but the effect on me was of the ‘reet lass you need to start taking it easy’ variety, which I suppose is a perfect contrast to your ‘Who said there aint 48hrs in a day !’ response. For every positive there is a negative, for every plus there is a minus and for every idle git the is a SuperJoyce. So endeth todays lesson.:)

  2. Roslyn said

    Bloody hell to the bed but nice to have a new one πŸ™‚ Yes?

    I wish my daughter would present me with a page of writing never mind a jotter! I’m useless as an HE mum I really am.

    We had a foot ( yes a whole bloody foot) of snow here today never mind hail.

    You thinking of renting an office? Oh and by the way I need a whole week please (says Tony). xxxx

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