I love vista (not)

Anyone got any ideas? I bought a new copy of Office Enterprise 2007. It went onto the XP laptop no problem. Have now spent three days trying to load it onto the vista one. I keep getting a 1935 error. All the fixes I can find seem to suggest its a .NET problem. However, when I try to repair or update .NEt from the microsoft site, it just says that its integrated into my system, and no changes can be made.



  1. tbird said

    bleugh to Vista, can you totally uninstall .NET and start from fresh? only guessing I’m afraid but maybe worth a look? I’ve got Office 2007 on my Vista machine and it does run nicely once it’s installed (but yeh, I loathe vista with a passion verging on holy and can’t wait to have time to roll it back to good old XP!)

  2. Joyce said

    No, that’s the problem – it came pre-installed, so no disks. And the XP one was also pre-installed, otherwise I’d take vista off completely, and just use XP 😦

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