You can never find a poodle when you want one.

We’ve missed out on two litters now, mainly as I really want a bitch. For no other reason that out of all the dogs we had when I was growing up, only one was a boy, and he humped everything. Table legs, your leg, the neighbour’s kid. Not pleasant. So I’m sort of prejudiced.  I’d love either a Cavapoo or a Schnoodle, but Bob seemed allergic to a Labrodoodle, so I don’t want to take any risks with crossbreed dogs.  I think I am going to have to extend the search radius beyond the 150 miles I set it at.
Hannah has been writing a synopsis of each of the first 32 episodes of Dr Who. Why? Not a clue. However, it does mean she is writing loads.  She’s nearly finished MPH5, and she’s been doing lots of science-y stuff from this series.  There is nothing hugely exciting about them, but they have a really clear uncluttered layout, and I like their focus on scientific processes.

She grew when my back was turned yesterday, and looks exhausted. I think all her energy is going into stretching. I won’t be taller than her for much longer. Plus as she lies awake half the night reading, and is still up at 7ish, she probably isn’t getting enough sleep.

We had the school conversation tonight. The one that goes “the primary schools are enrolling for high school next week. Would you like to go along and have a look?” “No” Ah well, that was clear enough.  I like to remind her every now and then that there is a choice, but its one she shows no interest in.

Tomorrow we are getting a new bed. The first since we got married – so – um nearly 26 years. I didn’t realise how knackered it was till I slept in a memory foam bed on holiday.   And there is a litter of puppies in Durham I am thinking of visiting…….



  1. Roslyn said

    Way to go Hannah!

    26 years! Some celebrating in order tonight then 😉

  2. Elaine said

    Are you getting memory foam? Good luck with the puppy hunt

  3. tbird said

    fingers crossed you find the perfect pup. And happy new bed!

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