The next (tentative) step

As the workspace is a registered charity, I need to meet the management committee now, to decide whether or values are mutually supportive. So I am doing that next Monday, and trying to decide how I can present myself as eco-funky. Anyone have any idea of what the look for that night be? Meanwhile, I am pricing 90m bolts of curtain lining on eBay. Ros – something like that could be draped artistically, couldn’t it, to soften off the vertical blinds? Also looking at what it would cost to hire a steam cleaner. Not that I’ve decided, you understand!



  1. Roslyn said

    Indeed it could 🙂

  2. Elaine said

    Have you considered ikea they have bargains and no postage or taking chances e.g.

  3. Joyce said

    ooh, never realised IKEA did fabric. Must go and look, as I was planning to look there for lighting. Not that I’ve decided, you understand 😉

  4. Nic said

    Yeah right 😉

    Want me to send Ady and the Ady-machine to give it a once over? 😆

  5. Joyce said

    Oh yes, do that. I won’t scare him too much lol

  6. asilon said

    Back on the dog subject – have you thought about the poodle crosses? A mini schnoodle might be nice 🙂

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