Shoo, cow, don’t bother me.

Said I, ineffectually.

Since Bob started to have weekends off, I feel we’ve been wasting his time off. Before, I always organised things for the weekend, as we were alone, and then Hannah got her dad to herself when he had his days off when I worked. Now we tend to sit around waiting for a plan to materialise on a Sat morning.

So today I wanted to visit a potential training venue at Mugdock Country Park, and we decided to do some geocaching when we were there. So Bob explained some maths to Hannah that she’d been struggling with, while I printed off some caches, then he went and got his hairs cut (aside: why is hair the only thing that reverts back to plural when you have hardly any of it), and we set off just before 11am.

The first one we identifed fairly easily, but we couldn’t get at the cache as a crowd of lovies in a film shoot for Fly Fishing or something were sitting on the tree that we thought it was under. We hung around thinking they would leave soon, but eventually THEY chased US. So despite the fact it was sleeting, I decided we would set off across a peat bog to the second. After we’d gone for MILES, my foot was really painful, so I took shelter in a derlict bothy, and pointed Bob and Hannah in the direction of the last couple of hunderd yards.

So there I am looking around at the cloven footprints in the bothy, thinking “that’s sweet, Bambi must shelter here”, when there was an enormous moo right behind me, I turned to find a herd of cows had snuck up on me in the wind. The leader had her head practically up my bum. Now, I know they are peaceful, but I was def outnumbered, so hurried out, to slip and fall in a cow pat. If you’ve never sat in a cow pat, looking up at 20 cows milling around you, and other cow pats flying through the air, you’ll appreciate my distress. They kept up with me for ages, despite me setting off at a good trot.

When I finally shook them off, phoned Bob in hysterics, and told him he would find me in the tea shop. Which turned out to be about 40 mins away. The two of them found me there an hour later, scoffing a cream tea, and trying to stay downwind of the rest of the customers.

So now we are home, everyone is bathed, washing machine full of shitty clothes, and I’m just about to take my aching bones to bed 🙂



  1. Elaine said

    did they find the cache though?

  2. Sarah said

    I’m not supposed to laugh at this story, am I? 😉

  3. Joyce said

    Oh yes, they found it 🙂

  4. Kirsty said

    rofl!! classic Joyce 😉

  5. Roslyn said

    Classic Joyce indeed. To be added to the potty story for sure 🙂

  6. Joanna said

    ROFLMAO!!! I’m very PMTish today so I needed a good laugh – thank you!

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