So, Bob has been allergy tested against every dog we can lay our hands on, and it appears that the only one we can be absolutely sure if is a poodle. Which isn’t as poncy as it looks, so long as it doesn’t have a show cut. So now I’m looking 🙂



  1. Roslyn said


  2. tbird said

    so are you going for little bouncy cute toy one or nice big solid standard one?

  3. Jan said

    I used to have a Standard Poodle who was a lovely dog. Very intelligent, and affectionate.

  4. Joyce said

    In between – I’d like a minature one. Big enough to be robust, but not huge

  5. jax said

    I used to go and play with a standard poodle (his family wanted him to be accustomed to children of different ages so invited various neighbourhood brats round) and he was very lovely. They aren’t poncy at all, very hefty and as Jan says, very intelligent. Don’t think the little ones know that they are little, though I still prefer the big ones.

  6. Elaine said

    I love poodles if you get one I will want one . Oooooooooo just thought we can borrow it when you go holidays.
    Reet thats that solved

  7. Allie said

    I once read that the French police used to use poodles as police dogs. Nice mental image. I assume they were the big ones…

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