Shall I have my nervous breakdown now, or later?

Today I have been looking at an office/training room to lease. Gulp. This seems far too grown up for one as young as me 😉 I don’t know if I will or not, and it really depends on what I can negotiate about the length of the lease – its really too long at the moment to be sensible, I still want a “get out of jail free card”. But I am sick, sick, sick of using hotels. Its hideous, it’s expensive, and its so inflexible. Finish 20 mins early – sorry, you can’t have your coffee till the time you booked it. I’m trying to be rationale and calm, and not move in and decorate it in my mind before it actually makes financial sense.



  1. tbird said

    fingers crossed you can negosiate the lease to something you can live with

  2. Sarah said

    Wow. Go for it, if you can get the terms you want. Sounds very exciting 🙂

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