Oh, I could get used to this life :-)

Didn’t sleep well last night – kept waking myself up by teeth grinding, and weird dreams, so was determined to get some fresh air today. Bob brought me tea in bed before he left, and I got a blissful hour to read trash, then Hannah appeared having done a Just Write exercise in bed, and was really proud of herself – today she had written about her room, and the view from her window. I had a bath, and she sat on the bathroom floor and did some maths, before hopping into my water, and we decided to see if Elaine and JR were free.

They were, so we organised to pick them up at the bus station, H made a picnic lunch and I tried to find some nearby caches. Without real success, but nothing daunted, set off to the meet the bus, by which time it was pouring. Fortunately the sun came out shortly after, and the day was sunny and bright from then on. Set off looking for a cache but couldn’t identify the road properly, when I looked at Hannah in the rear view mirror, and realised she had gone green, and had an “I’m about to vomit any minute” look on her face. Pulled into a layby, and decided we would just spend some time here, and perhaps find a place to leave our own cache. Two jaffa cakes and a peanut butter sandwich later, she felt much better, but was reluctant to get back in the car, so the girls played on the swings, explored the castle, and we walked along the beach. We were then given misleading information about a coffee shop, which didn’t exist, and ended up in a pub. However, they wouldn’t serve us as they were about to get a funeral party in the lounge bar, and the kids weren’t allowed in the public bar. We did use their toilets though! I went off to get the car, and we all returned to Ayr.

JR and Elaine had a late lunch, and Hannah had an early dinner, then the girls went out to play in the park, while we drank coffee and then followed them.  JR jumped/fell into the pool when they were playing, and soaked herself. Ever creative ;-), I made Hannah change into her netball kit, which we had fortunately brought with us as she was going straight there, and give JR her dry clothes for travelling home in. Sorted 🙂 Dropped Elaine and JR at the bus, took Hannah to netball, and now Bob has taken her to athletics, before, hopefully, cooking dinner.

Great day all round, and the BEST day of the year is just round the corner, when the clocks go forward. I love this time of year.



  1. Sarah said

    always good to hear a story about not vomiting 😉

    I am looking forward to the clock change too, more than ever this year for some strange reason.

  2. Roslyn said

    I’m practically counting the seconds until clock change this year. Once the sun is in the sky longer my life must get easier. Surely.

  3. Elaine said

    It’s late we have been trying all night to reach a ransom figure

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