Lazy and wet day

Didn’t stop raining all day today. Although I usually work on Wednesdays, I was off today, so Hannah decided to stay home as well, and we had a lazy start to the day, with her hopping into the space when Bob went to work. We dozed, read and chatted till about 8.30, when I finally prevailed on her to get up and make tea ;-), and then we snuggled some more.

Day was slightly ruined at that point by a very distressing/annoying/irritating  phone call, which upset me for most of the rest of the day, although Elaine has now talked some sense into me, and feeling rather better now.

Anyway, Hannah made lentil soup (my favourite) for lunch, and we did some bread dough bashing – so much more therapeutic than the breadmaker in difficult situations, I find, and I chucked a casserole into the oven for dinner. She did some pages from My Pals are Here, and then we had a bit of a chat about how stressful she finds writing. She has reached the stage now of wanting to do something about it, but just feels overwhelmed by her almost phobic response to it. I showed her the “just write” technique I use when I’ve got writer’s block on a commission, and she was amazed to cover two sides of A4. I think it also helped her to realise that even *I* get writer’s block – I hadn’t appreciated that she didn’t realise that some days I could throw the computer out of the window – she thought I could *always* do it. We’ve used the analogy of building a “writer’s muscle”, so she is going to write a page of something every day, with no worries about content, grammer, spelling, handwriting or anything   – just filling the pages.

I the afternoon, the GPS arrived, so we messed around with that for a while, and Hannah watched some old videos we’ve got of theC4 Series of the 1990s house, while I looked for puppies for sale (no luck, though)

This evening, we’ve all lego-ed and built our dream home, complete with training suite for me, Cavy Palace for the Piggies, swimming pool and trampoline for Hannah, and a gym for Bob. I wish.  I then buried my head in my book, and Hannah trashed Bob on her LeapFrog globe. When we got that, I really thought it was overpriced but it still comes out regularly after about 5 years.

Hoping the weather will be better tomorrow.



  1. tbird said

    so, what’s the “just write” technique then? sounds like something all 3 of us at the madhouse could use!

  2. Elaine said

    Is it classed as ‘just write’ when child adds input to blog posts? if so will you leave a comment saying that is your favourite bit and then I can go wash up leaving the keyboard near her when the screen is up? 🙂

  3. Joyce said

    Have left a comment, Elaine 🙂 “Just write” involves setting a time limit -we did 10 mins – and during that time, the only thing you must do is keep your pencil moving. You don’t worry about content, spelling, punctuation or anything. So it’s just a stream of conciousness. If you get stuck, you just write “I don’t know what to write” again and again, till something else comes. If you keep it light hearted, you actually get some really funny stuff sometimes. And then it’s just put aside – no editing, nothing. The only purpose is to get the pencil moving.

  4. tbird said

    Thanks Joyce, so it’s just what I do on my blog most days then? randome ramblings 😉 I suppose its similar to my throw everything on the subject into Inspiration and hope a pretty mind map will magically turn into an essay that may even answer the question then.

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