So that was Easter

Still very taken with the novelty of Bob having public holidays off. yesterday he of course had to go and pick his Switch card up, and his dad phoned in a panic to say his toilet was blocked, so he planned to carry on there. Hannah decided to go with him, and so I thought I would do a long walk. According to my pedometer, I did 11 miles, though I did stop for tea and scones at one point, I was so knackered. Partly as I had decided to do rough walking rather than power walking though, so was wearing walking boots and a rucksack. I do like thinking time though. I like being with people, but I really do need time by myself to talk to myself, re-charge, and think creative thoughts πŸ˜‰ Got home just a few minutes before Bob and Hannah. Bob was looking a bit pale, and went to the bath with a nailbrush for a long time LOL. I believe it wasn’t simply a mattter of wielding a plunger πŸ™‚ However, he did recover enough to make my favourite Saturday night dinner of courgette risotto, and we all vegged in front of the TV.

Today, Hannah got up and watched some history videos that we’ve had for ages, and did some maths. She then went round to her friends for a couple of hours, and Bob and I had a walk along the beach, and talked about life. I know its soppy, but I do really still love that man after 25 years πŸ™‚

We all arrived home, and Hannah did the 3 foot high pile of holiday ironing. I felt slightly guilty as the living room was like a sweat shop by the time she was finished, and it took her about three hours. I doubled the ironing rate, and paid her Β£10 for her MOTB find, since she’d essentially done 3 weeks worth. As she also put it all away as well, worth every penny!

Tomorrow she has another friend coming for the day, and an overnight, so the plan is the farm park, so long as firend brings suitable warm clothing, as it’s FREEZING!


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